Libya floods – how people in Wales can help

Over 5000 people have died and 10,000 people are missing in devastating floods in Libya.

WCIA are urging people and communities to donate urgently towards rescue appeals by organisations who already have teams on the ground:

WCIA strongly encourage people in Wales to focus on donating funds rather than clothing and other items, which can be impossible to transport and distribute, and may undermine coordination of local aid efforts on the ground. Through the agencies above, your contributions will reach local partners most quickly and enable them to prioritise the things most needed by survivors.

For parents and teachers wanting to support children to discuss the disaster and how they could respond, WCIA recommend Oxfam’s ‘Dealing with Disasters’ Learning Resource, which includes an Assembly script and slides, lesson plans and 7 different activities for young people.

We’ll share more information as the situation unfolds.