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World Peace Day at the Temple



The Temple of Peace opened its doors to old and new friends on Saturdays to mark World Peace Day.

This year’s theme was climate change for peace marked the day with concerts, marches and community events around the world.

WCIA friend Fi Fenton, lead groups of people on temple tours, which explored the Hall of Nations, the Crypt (which holds the Book of Remembrance), the Women in War exhibition, the wall of youth messages and the Peace garden.

Our volunteer Charlotte Morgan, turned a page in the Book of Remembrance at 11am and read out the names of the men and women who gave their lives during the First World War.




The afternoon began with a performance by Cor Cochion (The Red Choir), who sang in the council chamber and paid tribute to his friend Barbara Foxworthy.

The choir was followed by Peace activist Jane Harries, who lead a talk on peace today and asked the crowd, “Where do we stand as peace makers in Wales today?”


Retired Teacher Sian Williams, visited the Temple for the first time on Saturday.

She said: “I had heard of the Temple of Peace and have walked by, but had never been in before. It’s a fascinating building, right in the centre of Cardiff and it was interesting to hear more about it on the tour.”


Did you come and visit us on World Peace Day or would like to visit the Temple in the future?

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WCIA and Wales Alliance for Global Learning (WAGL) welcomes new curriculum for Wales

WCIA and the Wales Alliance for Global Learning (WAGL) welcomes new curriculum for Wales


The Welsh Government worked with education and childcare professionals, and other experts to develop a new approach to the curriculum for Wales. This resulted in developing guidance which will help funded non-maintained settings and schools create a new curriculum for their learners.

WCIA has responded with feedback on the Draft Curriculum for Wales 2022.

Overall, we are supportive of the direction of the new curriculum. We are pleased to see:

  • a cross-curricular approach rooted in skills and experiences
  • the prominence given to creating ethical informed citizens of Wales and the world
  • the cross-curricular international perspective
  • the cross-curricular wider skills that incorporate global citizenship skills
  • the frequent inclusion in What Matters statements and progression steps of identifiable global citizenship skills and values – something which has developed positively as the various drafts of Areas of Learning and Experience have emerged


However, there are some clarifications we would recommend, including education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship (ESDGC) framework is implicit in much of the curriculum. We think it should be fully embedded across the Areas of Learning and in the What Matters statements.

We also believe that it is essential that the curriculum consistently balances the Welsh and the international dimensions to enable learners to develop as ethical citizens of the world.


Read the full feedback letter and the WAGL response here 

Pupils tackled climate change in Mock Conference of Parties

Tensions rose among student delegates as they debated the issue of climate change during MockCOP sessions last week.

Pupils aged 14-18 from south and west wales schools, represented countries from all over the world at Mock COP (Conference of Parties)  in Cardiff City Hall and Swansea Civic centre.

These sessions, organised by the WCIA and Size of Wales and financed by Scottish Power Foundation, provide students with the experience of a Model United Nations Climate Change Conference, as well as the chance to become Climate Champions.


Sarah Wynne, 17 from Porthcawl Comprehensive, said: “I was representing the USA, and didn’t really know what to expect but I have really enjoyed the day. I enjoy debating and it’s been great listening to what other delegates had to say.”


Rita Singh, Divisional sustainability Leader at Kingspan Insulation, chaired the MockCOP at Swansea’s Civic Centre.


She said: – “I am very impressed by the preparation the students have done, and they really took on the nations and their views, whether they believed it or not.

“Pupils took on impassioned roles, it was clear how sympathetic they felt, and that they stood up for the cause. They also recognised the importance of other roles and best of all, the need to get together to solve a global challenge like climate change.”

All participants in the regional MockCOP can apply to take place in a final overnight event in Cardiff in November 2019. This will include a MockCOP in the Senedd, as well as a fully funded overnight stay with an evening of inspiration to include workshops and talks – all attendees of this final event will have the opportunity to become Climate Champions.

Find out more information about the regional MockCOPs here

WCIA work recognised in UK Report to United Nations on progress towards the SDGs

We are delighted that several of the WCIA programmes are recognized as making a positive contribution towards the Sustainable Development Goals says Susie Ventris- Field WCIA CEO.

The Sustainable Development Goals, set after much consultation and based on the experience of the Millennium Goals, set out a vision for the future where lives are transformed and the planet protected. Governments are accountable for their progress and it is the UK Government turn to submit its Voluntary National Review.The report is detailed and covers each of the 17 interlinked Goals. It includes a devolved perspective as well as balancing domestic and international actions.

WCIA is delighted that some of our programmes are highlighted as making a contribution towards achieving those Goals. The Peace School Scheme, which aims to improve the quality of education (Goal 4) and promote peace (Goal 16) by developing a culture of peace based on human rights and non-violent problem-solving in schools and their local communities. The report states, “ The project has reduced records of negative behaviour; increased involvement in pupil voice (up 300%); increased engagement in assemblies; and social action taken in the community.” The Changemakers project, delivered with Oxfam Cymru in high schools across Wales, which develops global citizenship skills was noted for its contribution towards quality education. The collaborative project, working with Size of Wales, delivering regional schools Mock UN COP conferences on climate change, encouraging and inspiring climate champions was also cited for supporting Goal 13 – Climate Action.

The VNR report, has been criticized for not including the voices of the more vulnerable. It is also however, largely a mapping exercise of what is currently being done. “The UK VNR misses the chance to set out a UK action plan on how to reach these global goals.” Says CEO Susie Ventris-Field. There are some concerns about the report; more analysis and synthesis could have been done. The UK still has no clear and focused plan on how to achieve the ambitions of the SDGs. The data used is selective and at times contradictory from one section to the other. The UK Government needs to link up policy on trade, energy and consumption with the need to achieve the Goals. High level commitment to these Goals seems to be missing and once this report has been presented to the UN, that’s not the end of the process. WCIA will continue to take a lead in Wales to encourage the UK to develop its international commitment to the Goals.