“Urgent Appeal to Welsh Senedd: Climate Cymru’s ‘Tipping Points’ Rally for a Nature Positive Bill”

On the 17 May, Climate Cymru, along with Stop Climate Chaos Cymru and Extinction Rebellion, organized the “Tipping Points” Nature Positive Demonstration in front of the Senedd in Cardiff, calling for laws in Wales to protect nature.

The event rallied support for a Nature Positive bill, urging the Senedd to take immediate action to protect and restore nature by 2030. The demonstration featured an artistic installation symbolising the contrasting pathways available for the nation. 

A campaigner shows her support to the Tipping Points Demonstration

During the demonstration, almost 60 individuals joined to lend their voices and support to the cause. Their presence was bolstered by the 1,400 people who had already written to the First Minister, Mark Drakeford, urging him to take action, and the 345 organizations across Wales that signed an open letter.

The demonstration was attended by members of the Senedd and featured speeches from ecological scientist Dr. Aaron Thierry, who highlighted the urgent need for action to address the nature crisis. Health professionals also spoke about the value of nature for patients and the NHS. 

Supporters from different backgrounds gather in front of the installation to protest government inaction

Campaigners emphasized that new laws for nature, which would expedite its recovery and establish an independent watchdog, are long overdue. They pointed out that England and Scotland already have legislation in place, making it crucial for Wales to follow suit. With the First Minister set to decide which laws will be enacted next year, campaigners are urging Members of the Senedd and the Cabinet to support the inclusion of a Nature Positive Bill on this year’s legislative agenda. 

The Nature Positive Logo adopted by Climate. Cymru.

Participants in the demonstration envision a Wales where nature thrives, benefiting farmers, communities, and the overall well-being of its people. They emphasized the importance of restoring biodiversity and the estimated value of healthy rivers, which could contribute up to £40 billion to the economy (1) . The open letter, to be delivered to the Senedd on June 5th, calls for laws to protect and restore nature, environmental justice for the people of Wales, and the establishment of an independent watchdog.

Climate Cymru is calling on the public to add their voices to the campaign. Individuals and organizations that care for their local spaces and want to contribute to a Nature Positive Wales are encouraged to join the cause. The campaign aims to create a positive legacy for nature, leaving behind a world that is greener, fairer, and healthier for generations to come.

The “Tipping Points” Nature Positive Demonstration organized by Climate Cymru has sent a strong message to the Welsh Senedd, calling for immediate action through the establishment of a Nature Positive bill. The demonstration united voices from various sectors, highlighting the urgent need to protect and restore nature in Wales. As the campaign continues, the hope is that policymakers will heed the call and take significant steps towards securing a thriving future for nature and inspiring global environmental change. 

(1) https://www.gov.uk/government/news/investing-in-nature-is-an-investment-in-the-nhs-says-environment-agency-chief-executive#:~:text=It%20makes%20economic%20sense%2C%20because,to%20good%20quality%20green%20space.

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