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Visit by group of Young Palestinians to Cardiff: 29 February, 2024 

Week ‘6.5’ of ‘#AnniesDiary100’ #OnThisDay, where were our Welsh Peace Envoys on 8 March 1824 – future International Women’s Day?

Week 6 of #AnniesDiary100 – San Francisco #OnThisDay 6 March 1924

Week 3 of #AnniesDiary100, the ‘Biltmore Luncheon’ – Wales Women’s Peace Petition presented 100 years ago #OTD 19 February 1924

Week 1 of #AnniesDiary100, 2-11 February 1924: London, Liverpool & the Transatlantic Voyage

Visit of Argentine Ambassador to the Temple of Peace

Academi Heddwch at the Taiji for Health and Peace Symposium

Volunteers Megan and Shirley share their experience in Wales!

Local Sudanese Community Unites to Alleviate Humanitarian Crisis

New Perspectives & Learning on the Nature of Peace

SGI-UK members in Wales and the Marches present ‘Peace Collection’ to Temple Library