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Pupils tackled climate change in Mock Conference of Parties

Tensions rose among student delegates as they debated the issue of climate change during MockCOP sessions last week.

Pupils aged 14-18 from south and west wales schools, represented countries from all over the world at Mock COP (Conference of Parties)  in Cardiff City Hall and Swansea Civic centre.

These sessions, organised by the WCIA and Size of Wales and financed by Scottish Power Foundation, provide students with the experience of a Model United Nations Climate Change Conference, as well as the chance to become Climate Champions.


Sarah Wynne, 17 from Porthcawl Comprehensive, said: “I was representing the USA, and didn’t really know what to expect but I have really enjoyed the day. I enjoy debating and it’s been great listening to what other delegates had to say.”


Rita Singh, Divisional sustainability Leader at Kingspan Insulation, chaired the MockCOP at Swansea’s Civic Centre.


She said: – “I am very impressed by the preparation the students have done, and they really took on the nations and their views, whether they believed it or not.

“Pupils took on impassioned roles, it was clear how sympathetic they felt, and that they stood up for the cause. They also recognised the importance of other roles and best of all, the need to get together to solve a global challenge like climate change.”

All participants in the regional MockCOP can apply to take place in a final overnight event in Cardiff in November 2019. This will include a MockCOP in the Senedd, as well as a fully funded overnight stay with an evening of inspiration to include workshops and talks – all attendees of this final event will have the opportunity to become Climate Champions.

Find out more information about the regional MockCOPs here

Young Peacemakers Awards 2019

Time to celebrate all the young people who have been active in the pursuit of peace in their local or wider community this year. Many have been working towards achieving Peace School status.


The young people have inspired so many and we are all very excited by the entries. The WCIA Young Peacemakers Awards will be presented on Thursday 4 July at the International Eisteddfod in Llangollen by the Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford.


Young artists and writers from Ysgol David Hughes, Menai Bridge almost swept the board on the art awards: Lois William’s Poem on meeting a Holocaust Survivor took first prize in the Young Writer category.

Elgan Edwards, with Peace quotes on black with doves, won the 2D art category; Llio Mutembo came joint first in the 3D art with Poppies, barbed wire & a bullet together with Tigi Hirst-Williams, who used natural materials in her art work to remind us of the link between peace and care of our planet.


Year 5 at Ysgol Tirdeunaw delighted the judges with their story and images about Bubbles Troubles (Tirdeunaw – Bubbles’ Troubles Tirdeunaw – Bwrlwm a’i broblem) a turtle, who finds friendship, overcomes discrimination and teaches us what we can all do to help the environment. (Gwern William, from Ysgol David Hughes, won the prize for digital peacemaker with his song about a victim of the Holocaust.

The young Kindness ambassadors at Peace School Ysgol Dyffryn Aman were absolute stars spreading peace in their school and community by random acts of kindness and took the first prize for Peacemakers.


Here is a selection of some of the great work. Visit our young Peacemakers Awards exhibition at the Eisteddfod to see more and check out the full entries list .

See more images on our twitter account