Horse Farm Adventure Awaits: Join Alliksaare Farm Now!

Looking for an adventure that combines your love for animals and nature? Look no further than Alliksaare Farm! With the chance to work with over 100 horses in a beautiful coastal location, you’ll get hands-on experience in horse farming, from taking care of them to training and riding. Join a team of passionate volunteers and create unforgettable memories while making a difference. Apply now!


Alliksaare Farm is a beautiful coastal farm located in northern Estonia, about 30 minutes’ drive from the capital city, Tallinn.

The farm is dedicated to horse farming and has over 100 horses, both young and old. The farm offers a unique opportunity for volunteers to experience the joy of horse farming, with tasks ranging from taking care of the pastures, cleaning the coast, and preparing food for the winter, to training and riding the horses.

The project is designed to provide an immersive and hands-on experience, giving volunteers the chance to work closely with the local host and learn from their expertise.

Volunteers at Alliksaare Farm will be involved in a range of tasks related to horse farming, as well as some environmental conservation work. The main tasks involve taking care of the pastures located by the sea, which includes clearing around the pastures, building or removing fences, and repairing fences.

Volunteers will also clean the coast nearby the farm from rubbish brought by storms. There can be some work for preparing food for horses for the winter time.

The most important work for volunteers is to work directly with the horses. Volunteers will be responsible for taking care of the horses and training them. Depending on the volunteer’s experience level, they can work with horses of any age, starting from training foals how to walk on the lead rope and getting them to trust humans as well as riding some troubled horses or training horses to ride under saddle or front of the carriage. Volunteers can also go on trail rides and work with horses further.

The work is mainly outdoors, and volunteers will be expected to work for 6-8 hours a day. They will receive guidance and supervision from the local host, but also have the opportunity to work independently.

In addition to the horse farming work, volunteers will have the chance to explore the surrounding area and discover the local culture and traditions.

Overall, the volunteer experience at Alliksaare Farm provides a unique opportunity for young people to connect with nature and animals while gaining valuable skills and experience in horse farming.

What will I be doing?


Flexible dates between June and October. The minimum duration of stay on the project is 1 month.

  • 18-25 years old
  • Be open-minded and ready to embrace the simple life in the Estonian countryside.
  • Be prepared to work independently without constant supervision.
  • Have a positive attitude towards hard farm work.
  • Previous experience with horses is a plus.
  • Technical skills such as machine repair, building, and chainsaw use are helpful.
  • Having a driving license is an advantage.



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