Imagining a more peaceful tomorrow – Join our new workcamp in Wales!

Join us in Wales for a Peace and Future’s Thinking workcamp, where we unite international individuals passionate about peace and sustainability to engage in transformative discussions, projects, and workshops. Together, let’s create a brighter future through collaboration, knowledge, and immersive experiences.


This project is being run by WCIA – the Welsh Centre for International Affairs.

WCIA is a charity in Wales that wants to inspire people to learn and act on global issues – we want to create a worldwide Wales where everyone contributes to creating a fairer and more peaceful world.

The objective of this workcamp is to explore the relationship between peace and futures thinking, and how they can be used to address global challenges. This workcamp aims to create a platform for young people from different countries to come together, exchange ideas, and develop practical skills that can help them become active global citizens who promote peace. 


  1. Workshops: Participants will attend workshops on peacebuilding and futures thinking. The workshops will cover topics such as conflict resolution, negotiation, mediation, and foresight. 
  1. Group Discussions: Participants will engage in group discussions to share their perspectives on peace and futures thinking. The discussions will focus on current global challenges such as climate change, economic inequality, and political instability. 
  1. Project Development: Participants will work in groups to develop projects that use futures thinking to promote peace. The projects can range from local community initiatives to global campaigns. 
  1. Cultural Exchange: Participants will have the opportunity to share their cultures and traditions with each other. This will promote mutual understanding and respect among the participants. 

Get ready for an immersive experience filled with workshops, discussions, and hands-on projects focused on building peace. Together, we’ll explore innovative strategies to create a sustainable, inclusive, and just future.

Here’s what you can expect from the Peace and Future’s Thinking project:

1️⃣ Cultivate Global Citizenship: Expand your horizons, challenge assumptions, and embrace the beauty of diversity while gaining a deep understanding of global issues and cultural interconnectedness.

2️⃣ Master Conflict Resolution: Learn effective communication, mediation, and peacebuilding skills to bridge differences, foster empathy, and promote understanding among individuals and communities.

3️⃣ Dive into Future’s Thinking: Discover the captivating world of futures thinking through workshops that delve into various methodologies, scenario planning, and creative problem-solving techniques.

4️⃣ Collaborate on Real Projects: Engage in hands-on projects tackling real-world challenges, working alongside passionate young people from diverse backgrounds and forming lifelong friendships.

5️⃣ Immerse in Local Culture: Experience the richness of the host community’s traditions and customs, broadening your perspective and fostering mutual respect.

6️⃣ Personal Growth: Step out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself, and uncover your potential as a leader and peacemaker. Develop self-confidence, resilience, and the ability to navigate complexity.

More information below:

What will I be doing and what can I expect?


12th – 20th August 2023 (12th & 20th are arrival and departure days)

We are looking for the following:

6 participants from Wales (must either be a resident of Wales or studying in Wales) between 18-25 years old. These 6 participants must also be able to commit to another workcamp in Germany from the 3rd-16th September.

10 international participants between 18-25 years old.




2 thoughts on “Imagining a more peaceful tomorrow – Join our new workcamp in Wales!”

  1. Marina Gavriilidou

    Hello I am Marina Gavriilidou and I am from Cyprus are the money for airplanes going to cove or is it from my own?

    1. Daniel Mapatac Post Author

      Hi Marina, thanks for your interest in this project! We are able to reimburse participants who are selected on this project’s travel up to £230. If your travel costs are more than this, you will have to cover any difference! If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at

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