Visiting the Temple of Peace

Letterbox on the ‘Peace Wing’ / north door of the Temple, from WCIA’s founding predecessor and first occupant of the Temple of Peace, the WLNU from 1922-46.

Wales’ Temple of Peace and Health is very much a working building, hosting international charities and organisations who work with communities Wales-wide on issues World-wide’. The building is open to the public for events and functions, but to explore the building we encourage prospective visitors to join one of WCIA’s regular ‘Temple Tours’ and open doors days, when the Library and Archives are also accessible (usually Wednesday afternoons).

Scroll down for information on: Temple Tours dates 2024 + intrductory video; Self Guided Tours; Bespoke group tours; Visiting organisation based at the Temple; and Venue Hire.

Please note, it is important to book specific activities or make contact ahead of any planned visit, as WCIA and tenant organisations’ staff and volunteers are mostly part time, in ‘all Wales’ roles – so rarely at the Temple for unplanned drop in visits (although we are all very happy to accommodate!). Cardiff University own the building since 2017 and have taken the decision not to staff it (as yet), so Reception is staffed by WCIA (and the front doors open) specifically when public events are taking place in the building. If the front doors are closed, please try the side entrance (RH / North side of building, from front – with WLNU postbox (above) on door).

Temple Tours / Library ‘Open Doors Days’ 2024

WCIA offer monthly guided tours of the Temple of Peace, starting from the Temple’s Reception area; some followed by ‘open doors’ access to the Temple Library and Archives (usually monthly on Wednesday afternoons, 2-4pm). Dates are listed on WCIA’s Events homepage, and on Eventbrite, which we would ask all visitors to register through.

For Venue Hire / Room Bookings, or ‘drop in’ visits to resident organisations, please scroll down.

Self-Guided Temple Tours

Hall of Nations

  • Use WCIA’s Self-Guided Tours for digital devices, and ‘follow your phone’ around the building – even from the comfort of home!
  • View / Download WCIA’s Self Guided Tour booklet , produced for the Temple’s 80th Anniversary, to explore the main features of the building and displays.
  • View / Download ‘Architect of Peace’ – Feature Article on the Architecture, Construction, Spaces and Usage of Wales’ Temple of Peace from 1920s to today.
  • View clips from our inaugural Temple Discovery Tour on Youtube , led by Emma West, Mari Lowe and Carrie Westwater in October 2018.

Bespoke Temple Tour Itineraries

We welcome the public to explore Wales’ beautiful Temple of Peace and Health with support from WCIA’s knowledgeable staff team. All Tours include the Entrance portico, Crypt, Hall of Nations (external bookings permitting), Timeline of Peacemakers, Council Chamber Library (external bookings permitting), Youth Peace Messages displays, and National Garden of Peace. We can offer bespoke tour itineraries that focus on different aspects of the Temple’s heritage for visiting groups. Please contact

Council Chamber Library

‘Archiveathons’ for Volunteers, Temple Friends and Archives Researchers

Over Spring – Summer 2024, WCIA will be staffing and supporting weekly Wednesday afternoon ‘Archiveathons’ workshops (from 2-4.30pm, usually preceded by public Temple Tours), when student placements & volunteers, Temple Friends, researchers and community groups can ‘drop in’ to explore onsite materials and progress personal projects with guidance, mentoring and support from WCIA team members with a range of expertise and skillsets. Please message if you wish / plan to attend on a particular date, so we can let you in to the building (the Library is a long way from and out of earshot of the door buzzer!)

Visiting Organisations based at the Temple of Peace

Owned by Cardiff University under a 999-year lease guaranteeing split usage between organisations leading Welsh efforts to advance Peace and Health, the following organisations are headquartered within the ‘Peace’ Wing’ (bottom north corridor) of the Temple of Peace, and work Wales-wide. Visitors are strongly advised to arrange ‘drop-in’ appointments in advance, via the following contacts:

TheHall of Nations’ bedecked for a beautiful evening

Venue Hire

If you are seeking a memorable venue for your own event, explore WCIA’s Temple of Peace Venue Hire packages – from 121 meetings to weddings, conferences and film shoots. Temple Tours can also be offered as an ‘optional extra’ for venue hire customers (subject to availability of staff / volunteers) – please discuss with the Venue Team on booking to find out if this unique and inspiring experience can be arranged to complement your event.