Timeline: 100 Years of Peacemakers

Directions: From the ‘Peace Wing’ Stairwell, turn right at the top of the stairs. The Timeline extends the full length of the upstairs corridor.

The Peacemakers Timeline looking back from 1938 towards the start of the 20th Century.

The whole of the first floor corridor leading to the Council Chamber is the canvas for an incredible ‘Timeline of Peacemakers’, assembled as the culmination of WCIA’s ‘Wales for Peace project over 2014-19. Volunteers Wales-wide had researched and gathered ‘hidden histories’ of peacemakers, each of which is represented by an image and story box on the timeline. The timeline is ‘colour coded’ with 7 themes all connecting different threads of the peace movement:

  • Red – Remembering Wars
  • Orange – Objection to conflict and protest movements
  • Yellow – Sanctuary for Refugees
  • Green – Women’s and Equality movements
  • Blue – International Solidarity and development
  • Purple – Youth and future generations
  • Pink – Coordination efforts and the Temple of Peace

As well as spotting themes over the century, you can also see which events were happening concurrently in each decade.

100 YEARS OF PEACEMAKERS Timeline - Council Chamber Corridor