Temple Reception – Exhibition Displays

Directions: From the Committee Rooms and ‘south’ stairwell, turn through the doors back towards Reception and the exit.

We return back to where we started – the Temple’s Reception Vestibule. Now you have seen a little more of the Temple’s spaces and stories, you might enjoy taking a closer look at the acrylic display panels about the Temple’s History: ‘Peace Building’, ‘Peace Makers’ and ‘Peace in our Time’ (organisations). New points of interest often jump out with every look!

Album of Temple Display Panels in Reception

You might like to pick up some postcards of the Temple as a memento from the Reception desk (please leave a donation towards costs of production). If you might be interested in volunteering or supporting one of Wales’ International charities based here today, you should find information also on Reception; and to find out about forthcoming events at the Temple of Peace, visit wcia.org.uk and explore ‘New, Views and Events’.

Why not continue your tour by exploring Wales’ National Garden of Peace, in the grounds behind the Temple? Follow the link below to WCIA’s Peace Garden Memorials Trail.

We hope you have enjoyed your Temple Tour today. Although we are not a museum, and currently receive no funding towards our heritage work, WCIA and our volunteers have played a ‘guardianship’ role for many years in championing public access to this iconic memorial building. If you have any suggestions for improvements, we’d love to hear ideas – email walesforpeace@wcia.org.uk. If you have enjoyed your visit, please leave a Google Review, and spread the word!

Thankyou – and may “Peace be with You’.