Tribute to the Temple’s Founder ‘Refound’ by Lord David Davies’ family today

Daniel Davies, and the ‘Founders Tribute’ Re-found

Daniel Davies is the great grandson of Lord David Davies (1880-1944), founder of the Temple of Peace, and has been a Trustee and Vice Chair of the WCIA over recent years, supporting development of the organisation’s work on Global Learning, Action and Partnerships. Daniel has continued in his ancestors’ footsteps working in humanitarian affairs with Save the Children and ELRHA both in Wales, and in Geneva.

Daniel’s sister Eldrydd continues to live in Plas Dinam in Powys, the family of home of David Davies during the time (1920s-30s) he was founding the Temple of Peace and the Welsh League of Nations Union.

Lord Davies’ bust by Sir Goscombe John, looks over the Temple of Peace Hall today.

Memorial Tribute presented by the people of Wales to David Davies in 1935, rediscovered in 2018.

During Summer 2019, Daniel’s parents, the current Lord and Lady Davies, rediscovered – in a cupboard in Plas Dinam – an exquisite illuminated ‘Memorial’, presented by the people of Wales to Lord David Davies in 1935 to accompany the unique bronze bust by leading 1930s sculptor Sir Goscombe John – which hangs today above the Hall of Nations in the Temple of Peace.

The Memorial records the gratitude of Welsh communities and voluntary organisations, in particular from the post-WW1 Peace Movement and communities Wales-wide, for Lord Davies’ philanthropy in support of ‘building a better world’. It is hoped in the near future to display this beautiful memorial close to the bust it originally accompanied, with the kind support of Bea, David and Daniel Davies.

“It’s so important we don’t forget the driving force behind the peace and health movements between WW1 and WW2… and keep our attention on encouraging, especially young people in Wales, to take an active interest in the links between our health and wellbeing in Wales, and the wider world – to be truly global citizens.

Beyond its 80th year.. I hope the Temple will have many years ahead of carrying forward the message of peace and health that are in its title, in its bricks and mortar, its spirit… and the unique place it has in Welsh public life.”  

Daniel Davies, 2018 Oral History interview with Tracy Pallant