Valuing Global Citizenship: Recognising learning and skills development

Global STEPS – a support tool to facilitate employment of people engaged


Who are we?


Global STEPS is an Erasmus + funded project, under Strategic Partnership funding (KA2) through the French Agency Erasmus Education Formation.

We are 4 non-profit organisations in three countries working together to deliver Global STEPS project’s outputs.

The project partners are:

  1. Cap Solidarités (Lille, France)
  2. Welsh Centre for International Affairs (Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom)
  3. 4de Pijler, as a part of 11.11.11 (Bruxelles, Belgium).
  4. INSITE for advice and development of the web platform for the tool


What do we do? 


We inspire people across Wales to learn about and act on global issues, so everyone in Wales can

contribute to making a fairer and more peaceful world.


Global STEPS is designed for:


Volunteers on international placements, those volunteering in global citizenship areas in their own countries, individuals from grassroots organisations delivering international solidarity and development, migrants or diaspora – people originally from another country and looking to value their multicultural experiences

It is recommended for age 16+ but may be suitable for young children if used with support.


Our objectives

  • to provide evidence of the added value of Global Citizenship development
  • to facilitate recognition of key competences
  • to facilitate access to quality employment



  • A shared definition of global citizenship using those skills
  • A competency framework upon which to base the online tool for skills
  • A certificate to recognise skills gained during a global citizenship experience, to be generated from the online tool
  • A platform or online tool so individuals can measure their global citizenship skills against the competency framework, get a result and suggestions for next steps
  • Guidelines on how to use the platform


What will you gain from Global STEPS?


Self-reflection: Answering the questions, while also illustrating with examples encourages self-re

flection, so participants have time and space to identify the skills they have developed and areas for improvement

Self-awareness: Participants have a clearer understanding of their strengths and how these might be valued by employers

Employer-ready information: The skills combined with the examples can be transferred directly onto CVs and applications forms, and used at interview to demonstrate the skills we know employers value

Certificate: This can be signed by the volunteering/sending organisation so volunteers have evidence they have developed their skills

Progression: Participants get advice tailored to their level on how they can further develop their skills

Access to more opportunities: The platform signposts participants to training, volunteering and work opportunities The tool is particularly useful for those who are relatively new to the jobs market, want to change careers or want to recognise their own skills in order to develop themselves.



Start using Global STEPS here 

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