Wales for Peace World-wide: Building on Heritage of Humanitarian Response and Solidarity.

Wales has a long heritage of internationalist action, and a rich network of communities with connections around the world. WCIA seeks to support individuals and organisations to network and support each other, and to engage the wider Welsh public in efforts to enrich our international solidarity.

Tragically, sometimes this can be driven by response to humanitarian disaster and conflicts, such as the Turkey/Syria Earthquake and Ukraine War.

Sometimes this builds on diaspora communities who have made Wales their home and contribute not just to Welsh society and culture, but also that of their nations’ of heritage.

Sometimes that builds on Welsh diaspora who in previous generations settled around the world, but retain ‘hiraeth’ and pride in their Cymru connections to this day – or whose careers have taken them overseas in roles that offer expertise and insight in to world affairs.

And sometimes solidarity can be driven by Wales’ strong sense of ‘communitarian’ commitment; charitable work, learning exchange, volunteering and community links with ambitions to contribute to the world’s great challenges of poverty, climate change, sustainable development and global responsibility through people to people cooperation and social enterprise.

Explore here some of Wales’ links around the world, building on past, present – and future.