All Participants from the 2022 Edition

Young Peace Activist of the Year

You will have been active in the pursuit of peace, equality and social justice in your local or wider community, and your actions will have inspired others – your peers or people older or younger than yourself. This could include supporting people more vulnerable than yourself, bringing people together, campaigning on an issue of concern to you or conflict resolution

Ysgol Gynradd Tirdeunaw
Ysgol Gynradd Llannon
Old Road Primary School
Ysgol Gynradd Llanllechid (2nd Place)
Aberconwy Allies (2nd Place)
Urdd Gobaith Cymru (1st Place)

Young Peace Writer of the Year

Nominees are invited to submit original pieces of work around the themes of peace, equality and climate justice in a local or global context.  Contributions can take any form, including poetry, journalistic writing (including blogging), a series of effective tweets, biographies, stories, drama, etc.

Zara Ahmed, Lansdowne Primary
Jacob Eatly, Coedcae School
Thomas Tremain, Primary (1st Place)
Zinzi Sibanda, Secondary (1st Place)

Young Peace Artist of the Year

This category celebrates original artistic expressions on the themes of peace, equality and climate justice, created individually or as part of a group.  These could take a variety of forms, including creative (painting, sculpture, photos, etc), digital (animation or film), or expressive (drama and dance) – and may reflect contemporary issues and ideas about how we create a more peaceful and sustainable world

Ysgol Bryn Tawe

Ysgol Pum Heol
Lansdowne Primary School
Stebonheath Primary School (1st Place)
Xander Evans
Sophia Kwan
Daisy Osborne Walsh (1st Place)

Young Climate Change Champion

You will have been active in speaking out about climate change and its impact on peace and security as well as encouraging others to take positive action for change through organising activities or campaigns locally or more widely.  You should be able to show that your actions have made a difference in your community, globally or at the policy level.

Stebonheath Primary School
Ysgol Bryn Tawe
Ysgol Sul Hope-Siloh
Ysgol Rhosgadfan (2nd Place)
Kyra Siân Coaker

Young Global Citizen

You will have learnt about issues which impact on peace and equality and which affect children and young people in other countries. This could be an environmental project, support for equality (e.g. girls’ education), or work to break down stereotypes and prejudices. Where possible you should connect with young people themselves to create change. 

Daniel Jones (2nd Place)
Solidarity Stories (1st Place)

Peace Heritage Champion

How do we keep the memory of peacemakers – here in Wales and beyond  – and their significance alive?  How do we remember and share stories where hatred and discrimination led to terrible violence such as Srebrenica, the Holocaust or the Rwandan genocide?  You will share stories in a creative and challenging way and draw parallels with contemporary issues.

Treorchy Comprehensive
Clara Finkelstein (1st Place)

Young International Peacemaker

(open also for young people from outside Wales):

You will have worked with young people in different country or countries creatively share perspectives or stories about peace or organised a joint campaign to bring about non-violent change.

Mahzari Kakar (1st Place)

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