Bryngwyn School at the Temple of Peace

“I thought it was so amazing to hear the stories of all different kinds of people. The building itself too was incredible.”

On March 22, 25 pupils from Bryngwyn School, Llanelli visited WCIA at the Temple of Peace and Health in Cardiff for a Young Peacemakers’ event.

During their visit, the pupils had a guided tour of the Temple of Peace and Health and learned about its significance for the history of peace-making in Wales and beyond. They also participated in interactive activities and discussions on global issues such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), equality and climate change.

As part of the event, Alex and Zain, two Year 8 pupils gave a presentation on their work to raise awareness of Holocaust Memorial Day. They shared their research on the topic and discussed the importance of remembering the victims of all genocides.

Their presentation flagged up the role of victims, bystanders and rescuers where discrimination happens, and also the importance of understanding different cultures.

Following the trip, pupils said:

“I enjoyed learning about Peace in Wales and the history of the Peace Temple.”

“It was a great day and I felt privileged to be able to experience it!”

Amber Demetrius, Global Learning Manager at WCIA, said:

“I hope that the students will use the knowledge gained from the event to become advocates for peace and agents of change in their communities.”
“The visit was a success, and the students left the event feeling inspired and motivated to make a positive difference in the world.”

Bryngwyn Changemakers

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