End of the first Archive-athon in the Temple of Peace and Health

On April 13th, it finished the first Archive-athon ever celebrated in the Temple of Peace and Health (Cardiff, Wales). For 4 days, around sixty-three volunteers coming from different regions of Wales, help out to catalogue all the material in the Temple’s library. 

I really enjoyed going through different resources. It is impressive how many books and materials can be found in the library. By coming these two days, I’d like to think that I’ve done my part in helping out future researchers and generations in their studies towards peace.

Clara Morer, volunteer in the second session of the Archive-athon

Among the hidden gems, it was found a book signed by Eleonor Roosevelt herself, and some illustrations from the XX and XIX centuries. 

The Archive-athon aimed to produce a complete catalogue listing of the Temple Library’s books and materials so that they can be explored and accessed by students, researchers and peace campaigners in the future. Although not finished, more than a quarter of the library was rightly catalogued in a digital database, and given the success of the campaign, it is hoped to hold similar workshops in the future. 

It was such a privilege being able to contribute to Wales’ Peace Heritage while learning not just from the amazingly rich books in the Library, but from the awesome volunteers who joined us

Isabel Garica, ESC volunteer with the WCIA

Find out more about the history and collections of Wales’ National Temple of Peace & Health at www.Heddwch.Cymru

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  1. Dr Tony jewell

    Congratulations on the archiving initiative – really important to capture the role of WCIA and the resources used to support the mission.

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