Face-to-face MockCOP2022

On October 11 2022, WCIA and Size of Wales hosted the first face-to-face MockCOP event since COVID. Groups of 3 students from 6 different schools in and around Cardiff came together at Cardiff City Hall to negotiate solutions and generate agreements in the quest to tackle climate change.

They agreed the resolution:

“All countries to become a no-deforestation nation, and have a reforestation plan by 2025, with a minimum restoration of 20%”.

Delegations came to this conclusion after long negotiations.

Students at the event were interviewed and described how the new format with a “free flow” negotiation section allowed them greater creative freedom and confidence with approaching a larger audience of different people.

“I feel as though I really got going this time” – Danielle, Treorchy High.

Others described how they appreciated the opportunity to think critically about amendments being offered and empowered to go further and take action.

“I’d really like to hear more about the Youth Climate Ambassadors programme. I hadn’t thought about what I could do about climate change but I’d really like to work with others and make a difference,” said Justna, from Howells School.

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