Fairer Futures Changemakers – The world in 2100

Students had the opportunity to learn the skills that will enable them to imagine the world they want to create in 2100.

Delegations from each participating school came on 18 November to represent their country’s views on how to build a better future. The goal was to support young people to take action on different global issues.

Participants developed different resolutions to protect future generations and explored ways to make the world a better place. These are two topics that were discussed during the session:

  1. All individuals will be vegetarian by the year 2030.
  2. All countries must comply with a “Climate Change Protocol” which has strict laws about energy, education and economics.

After this online event, we will support students to take action to make a change for the better in their communities, coming back together on March 9th to share changes made and explore long-term ideas of what the future could be.

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