First Miles of the Temple’s Archive-athon completed!

The first miles of the temple’s Archive-athon were done between the 5th and 6th of April. With a team of approximately 20 volunteers, different sections of the Temple of Peace and Health’s library were catalogued in a new database.

Among the re-discovered books, there were some first editions of Gareth Jones’ collection, reports on law-making and identity formation in European institutions and even, some well-conserved assemblage of maps from the 20th century.

I loved to go through the shelf, is like participating in a “treasure hunt”, there’s always a surprise. The library is a huge source of knowledge, it’s been an honour to “re-discover” some of its parts.

Volunteer participating in the Archive-athon

The second part of this workshop will run next week on the 12th and 13th of April. If you would like to participate and help to catalogue the temple’s library, while discovering the secrets hidden in each book, you still have time to apply. Visit our events’ website or directly register following the link below.

Find out more about the history and collections of Wales’ National Temple of Peace & Health at www.Heddwch.Cymru

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