Global Natters – monthly discussion group on global issues

The first discussion meeting of the year took place on Friday, 3 February 2023. The topical theme of this month’s discussion was: “Should people be cancelled?”

During the meeting, we discussed Andrew Tate, his return to Twitter and why he is banned on almost every social media platform. Participants also talked about freedom of speech in today’s realities.

Before the discussion session, participants watched the video The Problem with Cancel Culture | Ayishat Akanbi, which touched on basic thoughts about the culture of cancellation. There are so many important concepts within this topic about mental health, search for truth with humility, talent not being the same as character, and the capacity for human growth.

“If we stopped treating talent synonymous with character we would be a lot less disappointed.” Ayishat Akanbi

Interested in joining global discussions? Look out for our next Global Natters event in March where we will be talking about rights and strikes around the world.

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