Global Solidarity Summit 2022 – #GlobalUndod2022

The 25th and 26th of January 2022, it took place the annual Global Solidarity Summit organised by Hub Cymru Africa.  

In the first day, the panelist focused on discussing how each organisation and individuals defined the concept solidarity and the role that Wales had and is currently playing in this aspect, especially in relation to the African continent.  

“From the Size of Wales, we think that Global Solidarity is about bringing people together around a shared interest and common goal. Is about making connections, it’s about unity and diversity, it’s about equal and horizontal relationships and moving away from this concept of aid of givers and receivers, is a really strong link to social justice, and for us, climate justice. […] we need to listen to the needs of people on the ground and embody true partnership”

Barbara Davies-Quy (Size of Wales)

“There are five key frames to which more stories are told about Africa.[…] poverty, conflict, corruption, disease, poor leadership. […] But Africa is not a single story of poverty, destruction, and disease, […] there is progress, in more than one area like sports, music and arts”

Moky Makura 

In the second day of the Global Solidarity Summit, the discussion was focused on the distinct linkages among the topics of art, culture and solidarity. The distinct panelists offered their insights, meanwhile analyzing Wales and African partnership.  

“Art and culture have been very instrumental in bringing individual and communities together for ages. Indeed, For a while now, Wales and Africa have been sharing an interesting history of partnership and solidarity. […]”

Jean Samuel Mfikela 

The annual summit ended with a brief summary of the event and the host thanking all attendees and participants for taking part in the two-day conference, while encouraging further reflection on the topics discussed in the Global Summit.

Full schedule and speakers can be found in the following link

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