‘I never expected that I might one day be working here’ – Cardiff volunteer starts volunteer placement during COVID-19

Adam in Stuttgart

A former Cardiff University student has begun a 12 month volunteer placement in Stuttgart Germany, during a global pandemic.

Adam Peace Lossl has spent the last 2 weeks in a work-camp in Kell am See near Trier, where he worked with others to help renovate a rural training centre for young people.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unexpected challenges and has rocked the volunteering sector. However, Wales has a long history of sending and receiving international solidarity volunteers and this year marks 100 years of international work camps.

Adam said: “I am excited to be here in Stuttgart and I look forward to enabling many others to come to this part of Germany to meet people. It is especially great for me because I did my Welsh Baccalaureate Project on the 60 years of Cardiff – Stuttgart Twinning and I never expected that I might one day be working here”

Adam’s first task was to work with eight other young people to do some renovation work on a rural training centre for young people in Kell am See near Trier.

During his placement, Adam will set up virtual work camps as well as helping with communications and logistics for short term volunteers. He is also working towards training as camp leader which will allow him to lead new volunteers next year.

The voluntary year is supported by the European Solidarity Corps and facilitated by the Welsh Centre for International Affairs.

CEO Susie Ventris-Field said: “We are delighted that, despite the difficulties with the corona virus, young volunteers, including Adam, are still willing to offer voluntary service in Wales and in Europe. We hope other young people will be inspired by Adam’s recent exchange and will feel excited, as well as safe about travelling in Europe.”  

If you are interested in finding out more on current and upcoming volunteering opportunities, head to UNA Exchange or feel free to contact us by email – centre@wcia.org

Adam and other volunteers in Kell am See

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