Queen Elizabeth II: Passing of an Era for Commonwealth

WCIA join people across Wales & the world in paying respects on the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, figurehead to many peoples of the Commonwealth across 56 nations.

Her 7-decades reign from post-WW2 to 2022, has witnessed profound social changes in international affairs, human rights, peace & environmental awareness.

From an archive in the Temple of Peace Library, Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret in 1941 participating in a wartime radio broadcast.

When she ascended to the British throne, Europe was in the early throes of reconstruction from the widest war in human history, and former British Empire nations were starting to gain independence from centuries of colonial rule, as the UK carved a more progressive place in world affairs. Rights and understandings for many across the globe, from women and LGBT to racial diversity, are very different today to the 1950s. And the gradual rise of environmental awareness is starkest in the contrast between the coal driven, fossil fuel economy of postwar Wales, and the greener, more climate-aware generation today developing sustainable solutions for the future.

WCIA extend our condolences to the Royal Family, and our hopes and wishes for the reign of Britain’s new King Charles III.

Queen Elizabeth II’s first ‘Royal Tour’ of Commonwealth Nations in 1953 – Wikimedia Commons