WCIA 2019/20 Annual report: ‘760 people have demonstrated global responsibility’

The global pandemic has affected millions of charities worldwide and although we are sure to face more challenges in the year ahead, we are determined to continue working on creating a fair and more peaceful world.

In our annual report for 2019- 2020, you can read our achievements as well as what we have learned over the past year.

Leah Sier
We held a virtual Peace Conference in 2020

It has been inspiring to see how many people have taken action towards global responsibility, including 760 people who have demonstrated this through reducing their carbon footprint, choosing to shop ethically and peacebuilding. We are also proud to have helped 30 schools embed global learning into their curriculum delivery.

This year’s Young Peacemakers Awards and Conference moved online and saw one school reaching level 1 Peace School status and three other schools working towards level 2 status.

CEO Susie Ventris-Field has said: “We have seen many people in Wales and around the world show kindness, solidarity and innovation in response to the crisis.”

You can read the full report HERE

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