WCIA and Wales Alliance for Global Learning (WAGL) welcomes new curriculum for Wales

WCIA and the Wales Alliance for Global Learning (WAGL) welcomes new curriculum for Wales


The Welsh Government worked with education and childcare professionals, and other experts to develop a new approach to the curriculum for Wales. This resulted in developing guidance which will help funded non-maintained settings and schools create a new curriculum for their learners.

WCIA has responded with feedback on the Draft Curriculum for Wales 2022.

Overall, we are supportive of the direction of the new curriculum. We are pleased to see:

  • a cross-curricular approach rooted in skills and experiences
  • the prominence given to creating ethical informed citizens of Wales and the world
  • the cross-curricular international perspective
  • the cross-curricular wider skills that incorporate global citizenship skills
  • the frequent inclusion in What Matters statements and progression steps of identifiable global citizenship skills and values – something which has developed positively as the various drafts of Areas of Learning and Experience have emerged


However, there are some clarifications we would recommend, including education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship (ESDGC) framework is implicit in much of the curriculum. We think it should be fully embedded across the Areas of Learning and in the What Matters statements.

We also believe that it is essential that the curriculum consistently balances the Welsh and the international dimensions to enable learners to develop as ethical citizens of the world.


Read the full feedback letter and the WAGL response here