World Peace Day at the Temple



The Temple of Peace opened its doors to old and new friends on Saturdays to mark World Peace Day.

This year’s theme was climate change for peace marked the day with concerts, marches and community events around the world.

WCIA friend Fi Fenton, lead groups of people on temple tours, which explored the Hall of Nations, the Crypt (which holds the Book of Remembrance), the Women in War exhibition, the wall of youth messages and the Peace garden.

Our volunteer Charlotte Morgan, turned a page in the Book of Remembrance at 11am and read out the names of the men and women who gave their lives during the First World War.


The afternoon began with a performance by Cor Cochion (The Red Choir), who sang in the council chamber and paid tribute to his friend Barbara Foxworthy.

The choir was followed by Peace activist Jane Harries, who lead a talk on peace today and asked the crowd, “Where do we stand as peace makers in Wales today?”


Retired Teacher Sian Williams, visited the Temple for the first time on Saturday.

She said: “I had heard of the Temple of Peace and have walked by, but had never been in before. It’s a fascinating building, right in the centre of Cardiff and it was interesting to hear more about it on the tour.”


Did you come and visit us on World Peace Day or would like to visit the Temple in the future?

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