WCIA Policy Archives

Over 5 decades from 1973 to today, WCIA has worked with organisations and internationalists Wales-wide to advocate and influence world issues. In some eras, WCIA took a policy approach akin to a ‘thinktank’, engaging experts from diverse fields of opinion and practice, and nurturing direct relationships with UK government ministers. In other decades, WCIA has taken a more ‘grassroots up’ approach, involving local communities, schools and youth sector in shaping action on global issues facing each generation.

This page aims to bring together Policy and Advocacy papers from the Temple Archives that, over the course of WCIA50 (2023-24), have been digitised by WCIA’s volunteers & partners. We hope these can be used as a reference source for future research, as well as present-day action.

1970s-80s Policy Papers Series on Global Issues

And who is my neighbour? Reflections on the UN Habitat Conference, Vancouver, June 1976 (authored by Ewart Parkinson for WCIA)The Future of the Seas (authored by Vaughan Lowe for WCIA, 1977)The Future of United Nations Peacekeeping (co-authored by WCIA’s Political and Security Committee, chaired by Lord Harlech, 1977)
The national conference on major world and economic problems in conjunction with the World Bank (WCIA, 1977)The Development Resource Centre at the Welsh Centre for International Affairs (Miranda Green for WCIA, 1978)An introduction to agrarian development in the world economy” (WCIA, 1979)
Disarmament, Security and Development with special reference to the Brandt Report (co-authored by Goronwy Jones and WR Davies, 1980)
The Prevention of War in Europe (Goronwy Jones for WCIA, 1981)

The Fiasco of Détente and its Lessons (Goronwy Jones for WCIA, 1982)

Conference Report: the European Convention on Human Rights, the European Commission and the European Court (1982)
The Challenge of Internationalism: 40 years of the United nations (1945 -1985) (WR Davies & Goronwy Jones for WCIA, 1985)
11 “The United Nations and the Quest for Peace” (Sir Anthony Parsons and Prof Alan James for WCIA, 1986)
12 “Implications for peace and security of a changing world order: Priorities for British Foreign Policy” (Prof Harry Hearder & WR Davies, 1990)
13 “1992 – the Legal Implications for the Citizen” (of the European Community and Social Charter)

Conference Report (WCIA with the EC Office in Cardiff, European Parliament, Cardiff Law School and DDMI, 1992)

1984 – Development Education AO Level in ‘World Development’ – Report