Timeline of WCIA Digitised Archives, 1973-2023: Recording half a century of activism

Over 2022-23, WCIA Volunteers have been digitising materials from the Temple Archives on WCIA’s half a century of internationalist work from 1973 to today. These resources are all brought together in the table below, listed by year for ease of reference.

Collections Shortcuts:

Digitised archival collections curated on People’s Collection Wales:

Annual Reports Content Grid 1973-1988 – this spreadsheet spotlights the themes and summarises the content of WCIA’s Annual Reports over its first 15 years.

WCIA Albums on Flickr

Oral Histories on Youtube

WCIA’s early Annual Reports in the Temple Archives

WCIA’s Digitised Archives

YearDigitised Annual ReportsNewslettersOther Notable Publications Notable Wales & World Events
1968UNA 1967-68 Annual Report UNA Wales Newsletters Album24 Oct 1968 UN Day Western Mail WCIA articleUN Human Rights Year
1969Man on the Moon
19701970 UNA Wales Annual Report
1971Feb 1971 UNA Wales Newsletter – Welsh Centre for International Affairs
19721972 UNA Wales Annual Report
1973WCIA Launch – Account of Opening Ceremony
WCIA Staff Roles at Founding
UN Information Centre for Wales – Publications List (Temple Library)
Britain joins EEC
19741974 WCIA Report1974 Feb WCIA Newsletter – Opening of WCIA
1974 June WCIA Newsletter
UN International Population Year
19751975 WCIA ReportWCIA Int Women’s Year ReportUN International Year of Women;
Welsh Assmebly proposed @ Temple of Peace
19761976 WCIA Report
19771977 WCIA Report
19781978 WCIA Report
19791979 WCIA Report1979 WCIA Newsletter Int’l Year of the ChildInternational Year of Child;
Wales rejects Devolution Referendum 
19801980 WCIA Report1980 Summer WCIA NewsletterWelsh Centre UN35 AppealWales Anti-Apartheid Movement
19811981 WCIA Report1981 Summer WCIA Newsletter – World Food Day; 1981 Winter WCIA Newsletter – Duchess VisitGreenham Common CND Peace March + Camp
19821982 WCIA ReportWales EC on Human Rights ConferenceCND Cymru founded
19831983 WCIA Report1983 Winter WCIA Newsletter – 10 years Old!; 1983 Summer WCIA Newsletter – Defence & Security
19841984 WCIA Report1984 Summer WCIA NewletterReport on AO Level Development Education Syllabus; Gwent Ethiopia Conference; Bangor Ethiopia ConferenceEthiopia Famine / Live Aid;
Miner’s Strikes
19851985 WCIA ReportWCIA Standing Conference, Minutes Book 1969-1985Dolen Cymru Lesotho link launched
19861986 WCIA Report1986 UN Secretary General WCIA Address
1987The Humane Race’ – WCIA 50th Anniversdary Appeal
19881988 WCIA ReportTemple 50th Anniversary BookletWCIA – The Way Ahead’ Consultants’ Report
Rights of the Child’ Conference
1988 Garden of Peace Plans – album; Workcamp Album
19891989 UNA IYS Exchange Programme Review1989 Architects drawings WW1+WW2 Books of Remembrance Display; 1989 Temple of Peace Acoustics ReportFall of Berlin Wall
19901990 WCIA Report
19911991 WCIA ReportGulf War
19921992 WCIA ReportEU Maastricht Treaty
19931993 Spring WCIA Newsletter – Future of Europe1993 UN50 Anniversary Events Report
19941994 WCIA ReportWCIA / UNICEF UN 50th Anniversary Year AppealEnd of Apartheid
19951995 50th Anniversary UNA Wales – Short HistoryWCIA / UNICEF 5 Continents Concert; WCIA / UNA Wales UN50 ‘Agenda for Peace’ Concert
19961996 WCIA Report
19971997 WCIA Report1997 UNA Exchange Press ClippingsDevolution Referendum ‘Yes for Wales’; Jubilee 2000 Birmingham G8
19981998 WCIA ReportAlternative EU Summit, WCIA / Cynefin y WerinEU Summit in Cardiff
19991999 ESDGC Devolution Briefing WCIA / Cyfanfyd – Education for Sustainabel Development & Global CitizenshipWelsh Assembly elected
20002000 ‘An International Agenda for the Assembly’ WCIA + Cynefin y WerinUN Millennium Development Goals
20012001 WCIA Report2001 Cardiff & Vale Peace Festival
2001 CEWC DfID ESDGC Mini Grant Project Report
20022002 WCIA Summer Newsletter2002 Pocket Book of PeaceFairtrade Wales campaign set up
20032003 WCIA Report2003 Cardiff & Vale Peace Festival Wales MDGs Task Force set up
20042004 CEWC Cymru Annual ReportA Volunteer Peace Service for Wales’ – WCIA / Cynefin y Werin
2004 Cardiff & Vale Peace Festival
Tsunami Relief Appeal
20052005 International Manifesto – WCIA / Cynefin y Werin;
UNA Exchange Short History 2005 Sheila Smith
Make Poverty History campaign
20062006 World Schools Debating ChampionshipsWales for Africa launched
2007Gold Star / Wales Africa Community Links launch
2009Wales International Development Hub launch
20102010 April WCIA Newsletter ‘New Future for WCIA’All Together’ – History of UNA Workcamps
Welsh Civil Society and the UN Millennium Development Goals
Size of Wales launched
20112011 May WCIA Newsletter ‘Wales Int’l Development Summit’
20132013 Wales Africa Community Links ReportIF Campaign
2014Wales for Peace
20152015 WCIA ReportHub Cymru Africa
20162016 WCIA Report
20172017 WCIA Report
20182018 WCIA ReportTemple80
20192019 WCIA Report
20202020 WCIA Report
20212021 WCIA Report
20222022 WCIA Report