Civil Society in Wales and the World: Heritage and Evolution

Wales’ Civil Society has evolved hugely over the last hundred years and beyond, from the early 20th century when broad social movements such as Women’s Suffrage and League of Nations societies were largely supported through membership subscriptions and philanthropic donations, to the very different world of the post-devolution era, with its mix of grant funding, delivery contracts and internet crowdfunding for projects.

Wales’ International Sector non-governmental organisations – or INGOs – often interact with wider Civil Society Organisations – or CSOs – in pursuit of creating a better world. This page has been put together as part of the ‘History of Welsh Internationalism‘ research project, to bring together reference resources that help ‘tell the story’ of wider Welsh Civil Society, as a context for internationalist action through different eras.

This colourful timeline, produced in 2013 for Wales Africa Community Links, illustrates some of the rich stories that can be drawn from exploring Welsh Civil Society activism and history.