Where to next? Global Steps

Now that you have completed the Global Steps
test, here are some other ways that you can
develop your skills in Wales:Copy_of_Global_Steps_Logo_1

  • Volunteering Wales – Third Sector Support Wales
    aims to raise the profile of volunteering and
    improve volunteers’ experience. They work with the
    Welsh Government and other public bodies to
    maximise the potential of volunteering in Wales.
  • Recruit 3 – Recruit 3 offers competitive salaries,
    flexible hours and a full spectrum of jobs from a huge variety of organisations –
    from admin assistant positions, carers and fundraisers, through to senior
    management and beyond.
    Hub Cymru Africa – Hub Cymru Africa is a partnership supporting the Wales/Africa Community, bringing together the work of the Wales for Africa Health
    Links Network, the Sub Saharan Advisory Panel and Fair Trade Wales.
  • VSO – This organisation looks for experienced professionals who are keen to
    share their skills and experience with people in Africa or Asia.
  • UN Volunteers – UNV works under a dual mandate – to mobilize volunteers
    for the United Nations System and to advocate for the importance of
    volunteerism in development worldwide
  • SAFE – The SAFE Foundation is a Cardiff-based charity committed to
    improving the lives of some of the poorest people and communities in the

There is also a wide of volunteering opportunities abroad you might want to get involved in to help develop your skills:


  • UNESCO seeks to bring peace through international cooperation
    in education, science and culture. UNESCO’s programs contribute to the
    achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals set out in Agenda 2030
    adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2015.
  • IVS – CCIVS aims to pursue peace and promotes non-violence through
    international understanding, mutual respect, friendship, exchange and
    cooperation amongst the people of the world.
  • Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations – This is the
    International Non-Governmental Youth Organisation that represents national
    organisations which promote intercultural education, understanding and peace
    through voluntary service. The Alliance, founded in 1982, is presently made
    up of full, associate and candidate members in 28 countries worldwide.
  • Civic Service – A voluntary organisation for 16-25 year olds (extended to 30
    years old for young people with disabilities) to help with ‘missions’ both abroad
    and in France.
  • France Volontaires – it brings together the state, local authorities and
    associations around a mission of general interest: the development and
    promotion of voluntary and solidarity commitments internationally. It relies on
    a presence in France (France and overseas) and a network of Volunteer spaces in Africa, Asia and Latin America.
  • Coordination SUD – Promotion and defence of the sector, strengthening the
    professionalization of organizations through counselling and training,
    Advocacy on international solidarity with public and private institutions in
    France, Europe and the world, monitoring and analysis services, and information dissemination.
  • ADICE – ADICE has two objectives: to fight against discrimination and the
    social promotion of job seekers and youngsters with fewer opportunities. ADICE allows everyone (youngsters, job seekers etc.) to have a chance to participate in
    European and International and mobility actions.
  • VIDES – Vides hopes that young people will dare to opt for a solidary attitude
    to life. In concrete terms, this is an experience in a mission of the sisters of
    Don Bosco. These are usually projects that focus on education, with extra
    emphasis on children, young people and the promotion of women in
    developing countries.
  • Bouworde vzw – As a training organization, Bouworde vzw wants to broaden
    the horizons of young people and guide them in their development towards
    critical citizens of the world. In addition, Bouworde also wants to promote their
    sense of solidarity.
  • European Youth Corps – The European Solidarity Corps is a new initiative of
    the European Union that offers young people the chance to volunteer in their
    own country or elsewhere in Europe or to participate in projects that help
    people and communities.
  • WEP – WEP is the most active organization for intercultural exchanges and
    language stays. Nearly 10,000 young people between the ages of 15 and 35
    leave every year to more than 300 destinations via one or more of our
  • VIA – VIA is a non-profit organization that organizes volunteer trips at home
    and abroad. For this they work closely with their parent organization SCI
    (Service Civil International).