‘Who’s Who?’ Named References in Annie’s Diary, from 1924 American Society

Informal notes based on research by Eirlys M. Barker and Heddwch Nain USA, updated February 2024. From Transcription of Annie’s Diary, 2 Feb-29 March 1924. This reference list of names has been added to the end of the Transcription Google Doc.

Authors Note: Annie met so many people that her spellings – and even dates – are sometimes incorrect. Many of the married women are hidden under their husbands’ names. The date and place Annie first met / mentions people are listed after the names (eg 2-17 NY = February 17th, New York).  Spellings, etc. corrected as far as possible, shown in bold.  


DC = Washington; NY= New York; SLC= Salt Lake City; SF= San Francisco. LA= Los Angeles.

Leaders of the American Women’s ‘Conference on Cause and Cure of War’, set up during the Welsh Peace Tour of Feb-March 1924, and pictured at their first gathering in 1925.

Annie’s Journal – People (Alphabetical Reference):

Abrams, Mrs. 2-12 DC. League of Women Voters, General Federation of Women’s Clubs.

Alexander, Grace Green. (1864-1938) Invited Annie to the Historical Round Table, NY Feb 12.  She was Mrs. Henry Addison Alexander, and their daughter Eleanor (in France in WW1 with Red Cross, YWCA) married Theodore Roosevelt Jr. 

Allison, Mr. and Mrs. 2-17 NY. Also 3-21 and farewell 3-22

Baruch, Belle Wilcox (Miss) 2-11. NY. (1899-1964). Father: Bernard Baruch, financier, advisor to presidents. Annie also had tea with her mother. Later into environmental causes (Hobcaw Plantation, SC) after living in France with girlfriend, Evangeline Johnson (see below of the Johnson & Johnson company).  

Bernard, Mrs. Frances Fenton.  2-21.  Washington. 1920: Educational sec to AAUW Asst prof of Economics at Wellesley.  1924: Dean of Smith College. Divorced in 1922 from Luther Lee Barnard. (Sociologist). Sister of Mrs. Tatlock that Annie met in SF

Bigelow, Mr. and Mrs. Poulteney. NY 2-14 Mary Ellis left to stay with them in Malden-on-Hudson.

Bird, Mr. White Star line 3-21 NY 

Blackwell, Mr. 2-18 NY

Bowman, Mr. 3-2 NY. Friend of William Hughes.

Bugbee, Miss Emma of NY Tribune 2-11 NY

Butcher, Miss. 3-18 Utica.

Carr, Mrs. 2-12 NY 

Carver, Miss. 3-17 Syracuse.  With brother-in-law.  Beatrice Alice Carver, a trained nurse, was also on board the Cedric on the way over, same corridor per Elined letters.  Age 40 and from Llandudno, going to Rochester, NY.

Chaney, Mr. 3-3 SF Possibly Lemuel Warren, Berkeley Col. (or Cheney).  Also 3-6

Chandor, Miss Valentine L. 3-19 NY. Met Mary Ells professionally and helped her plan her trip West. The Chandor School.  At Biltmore lunch representing the Commission on International Justice and Good Will (Fed. Council of Churches of Christ in America)

Chevey (?) Mr., w. Kids Sally and Betty 3-11, Chicago.  Friend of Annie’s brother David C. Davies

Coolidge, President Calvin.  2-21 Washington 

Croft, Miss 2-22 Washington

Croly, Herbert David, NY Tea with wife 2-13. editor of the New Republic, wife Louise, nee Emory 2-12. 

Damrosch, Dr Walter (1862-1950) and Mrs. Margaret nee Blaine (politician James G. Blaine’s daughter) 2-15.  NY, composer. b. Germany.  Metropolitan Opera & New York Phil. conductor.

Daniels, Mr. and Mrs. John. 2-14 NY. English-Speaking Union. (ME met him at Laidlaw’s house)

Davies, Rev. and Mrs. John. 3-10 LA. 

Davies, David Charles.  2-24 Chicago.  Director of the Field Museum (per 1920 Census – assistant secretary), and Annie’s brother. Wife:  Abbie Poole. (1866-1928)

Davey. Mr. and Mrs. 3-13.  Albuquerque.  Director of Mansfield Tinplate Co (Cleveland OH) from Britton Ferry and Llanelli. Company run by eight brothers & father – 7 alive at this point. If he was the director, then he was William H. Davey, wife Gwendolyn

Doyle, Mrs. 2-22 DC, presided at lunch

Dunn, Mr. and Mrs., 3-7 SF. Mrs. an old Aber student from Pontypool.

Eastman, Mrs. William J.  Elizabeth. 2-20 in Washington.  Active in Lobbying for World Court

Easton, Mrs. Effie (b. 1860) 3-4 SF peace worker. Republican, Delegate to RNC in 1924 & 1928.  Husband: Daniel E.F. Easton, physician

Emerson, Frank 3-20 NY. 1882-1831.  Republican Governor of Wyoming 1927-31.

Evans, Mrs. Gwendolyn 3-5, 3-6 SF.  Widow of Conservative Minister (?).

Evans, Mrs. John. 3-18 Utica. 

Evans, Dr. Joseph MA, DD.  3-21 NY. Welsh Chapel 120th St. (Megáne wedding).  Prominent in Eisteddfodau. Picture of him in the Drych Mar 27, 1924. 

Evans, Mrs. Prof Sam Evans 3-18 Utica 

Fairman, Mr. (Customs).  2-11 NY.  Also 2-18, of the London Scottish Midland Railway.  3-2; 3-22 farewell.  

Fosdick, Dr. Harry Emerson.  2-1. Later gave sermon at Ruth Morgan’s funeral, Grace Church NYC.1935. Fosdick became pastor of New York City’s First Presbyterian Church in 1919. He sparked national controversy in the 1920s for challenging Christian fundamentalism’s literal reading of the Bible and rejection of historical biblical analysis and was forced to resign from First Presbyterian in 1925 because of it.  Pacifist, social gospel.  (1878-1969)

Hapgood, Mrs Elizabeth Reynolds 2-12 NY.   Russian speaker and translator.  NYT obit 1974, husband, Norman (ambassador to Denmark – WW and editor – Collier’s, Harper’s Weekly), she had attended Bryn Mawr. Prof at Columbia, then one of first female profs at Dartmouth.

Hasard, Mrs., 3-18. Utica.  

Harvard, Miss Sue 2-19 NY.  Singer at Biltmore presentation. “Welsh nightingale”

Hitchcock, Mrs. Clarence Wetmore 3-18 Utica.  Nee Jeannie Williams. Impressed Annie, very active in Welsh and women’s clubs. President of Utica St David’s Women’s Club. From Whitesboro.

Hughes, Mr. 3-11 SF, of Denver and daughter.

Hughes, Charles Evans, 2-21 DC.  Secretary of State, Welsh descent.

Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. D.  3-3 SF. Mentions “his Welsh church” 3-7 wanted details of her speech.

Hughes, Mr. Huw (not Henry as per Annie, sometimes Hugh) 3-17 Utica.  Utica Press. Pic in Drych book p. 83.

Hughes, Tom 3-2 SLC.  Depot master.  Cousin of J Hughes, Rhodesia 

Hughes, T.O.  Rev.  3-17 Utica.  One of Welsh-Amer churches

Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. William M. Hughes 2-15. N.Y On 17th to their home 946 West End Ave 3-21 at wedding.  Possibly W R Hughes (Gwilym o Fon) He and wife had urged Annie to go to the West Coast.

Hurlbatt, Miss Ethel, 2-26 Chicago.  Former warden of Aberdare Hall, Cardiff, then in Canada, Royal Victoria College. At Dean of Women dinner. 

James, John.  British Vice Consul 3-2 SLC. native of Swansea, b. Haverfordwest.  Mormon

John, Mr.  3-7 SF reporter

Mrs. Jones, Daniel 3-12, LA

Jones, Rev John D, 3-7 SF.  Sick and died Aug 5, 1924.

Rev Dr E. L. Jones 3-8 LA, Welsh church—one of largest Welsh congregations in LA (1910, when he was installed)

Jones, Dr. and Mrs. of Brooklyn 2-11 NY relative of Mary Ellis

Jones, Samuel 3-6 SF, barrister from Rhos

Kennedy, Mr. Editor of International Bulletin 2-14. Probably Hugh A. Studdart Kenedy, journalist, to US. Edited Christian Scientist Monitor.

Kerr, Mina on train 2-24 train to Chicago, to Deans conference.  1878-1970 b. PA, d. Accomack Co, VA.  Smith College, PhD. Univ. of PA.

Keigwin, Rev A. Edwin 3-21 NY.  Pastor of West End Presbyterian Church, NY.  

Kolb brothers 3-13 Grand Canyon (movie lecture: trip down the Colorado River)  

LaFollette, Robert M. and Mrs. (Belle Case) 2-22 Washington.  Wisconsin Senator, Progressive Party nominee in 1924 election. She was suspected of being a socialist for her peace activities in the 1920s. Gave an at home for the delegates.

Laidlaw, Harriet Burton (Mrs. James Lees Laidlaw) nee Wright. 2-11 NY.   Chair of the Resolutions Committee of the Women’s Pro-League Council affiliated to the League of Nations Non-Partisan Association. She was their NY driver, main contact.  3-20 also.  (1873-1949).  James Laidlaw d. 1932 of Parkinson’s

Laidlaw, Louise. (daughter) 2-15 NY

Lambert, Mrs. Alexander, Ellen C. 3-20  NY.  Tea in TR’s first home then museum  Pres TR’s physician was Alexander Lambert (1861-1939)

Learned, Henry Barrett 2-20- Washington.  Friend of Prof Webster.

Levermore, Charles Herbert, Dr (not William as in journal) 2-16. NY.  Winner of the first Bok Peace Award in 1924.  He was secretary of the World Court League, the League of Nations Union, and the New York Peace Society. Also 3-20. (1856-1927)

Lewis ? Mr. 3-20 NY.

Lord, Daniel Miner, Mr. 2-12 NY.  Father of Mrs. Parsons. In advertising.

Low, Mr. 30-2 SLC

Macdonald, Mr. 2-16 N.Y.  Chair of Foreign Alliance Association. L. James G. McDonald spoke at the last NY dinner.

Marbury, Elisabeth (Bessie) 2-12. NY.  Author, Broadway producer and literary agent, became Catholic, active in Democratic, esp NY politics in 1920s.  In France after WW1.  A founder of the Colony Club. Partner of Elsie de Wolfe who decorated Colony Club (original 1913 building) and was a friend of Ann Morgan (JPs daughter). (1856-1933)

McCulloch, Mr. and Mrs. 2-18. Dinner with, 3-21 NY. phoned.

Megàne, Leila. b. Margaret Jones. 1891-1960, Opera singer, wedding in NY 3-22. Annie gave her away.  See NYT p. 15.

Mercer, Miss 2-13. NY.  Visiting US.

Merriam, Charles Edward 2-26 Chicago.  Professor of  Political Science at Chicago University. Deans dinner. Writer, noted Progressive (1874-1953).  Wife Elizabeth was active in Chicago’s Woman’s City Club.

Morgan, Miss 3-7 SF.  From Brecon

Morgan, Ruth (Miss) Annie met her 2-11, NY. so not known before in person.  League of Women Voters chair.  Also chair of its International Relations Committee and corresponded with Gwilym Davies from 1923 re the presentation.  Red Cross in WWI and the Colony Club.  Distant Welsh blood, old NY State/ colony family. (1870-1934).  No relation to JP Morgan, but friend of his daughter Ann’s, working together at Colony Club.

Morgan, Mrs. Raymond Beveridge – he had died 1921– Laura Puffer Dana Morgan.  2-20 Washington, chair dinner at AAUW Club (1874-1962). World Court lobbyist.  Pres of DC AAUW in 1917. Influential political analyst.

Moyse, Mr. 2-13 NY  

Murdock, Miss 3-3 SF.  Berkeley Col.  3-6 also

Neal, Mrs. and her daughter, Mrs. Bowen 2-14.  Mrs. James Erskine Neal, (Mary McKinney) 3-20 NY.  Per NYT Nov 8, 1923, member of Pro-League Council.

Nicholas, Rev. James. 2-2, London. Minister of the Welsh Baptist Church, Castle St, London from 1916.  (David Lloyd George’s chapel). 

Owen, Gwilym.  3-6 SF.  Brother of Claudia Owen.  Architect friend of Garmon Jones, nephew of Morris Caersws.  

Owen, Nellie 3-18 Utica.

Owen, Mrs. William 3-7 SF. 

Parsons, Mrs. Edgerton.  Alice Tullis Lord Parsons  2-12 NY.  1155 Park Ave (tea) Pro-League Council NY Its director 1923-24. 1926 – CCCW officer, AAUW, (In 1940 she chaired meeting of Independent Voters that ER attended).  He d. 1929, NY, home on Park Ave, insurance.

Page, Mrs. Kirby.  Mary Alma nee Folse. 2-16. NY.  Husband a notable Disciples of Christ minister and peace activist.  He wrote several books about pacifism.

Parry, Mrs. 3-18.  Utica. Pres of Cymreigyddion Society.  

Pearson, Miss 3-15 Chicago.  Student Fellowship club.  

Poole, Miss Lois 2-25 Chicago.  Annie’s sister-in-law 

Poole, Mrs ?  2-26 Chicago (m to Abbie’s brother, either George or Frederick)

Prizotto according to Annie, but L. Ernest Peixotto) Mr. 2-12 NY Portuguese artist. (A Jessica Peixotto was active with the AAUW)

Putnam, George Havers 2-12 NY friend of Lincoln.

Rees, Mr. 2-25 Chicago. Editor of the Druid.

Rees, Mrs 3-18 Utica

Rees William, Rev. 2-17 NY.    Welsh preacher from Scranton

Richards, Rev. D. Morgan.  2-12. NY.  Tea on 2-17 Sick.  visited him 3-21.

Roberts, David, 2-21 Washington. Head of Library of Congress Fine Arts dept, from Llanelli

Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. P.L.  3-3 SF Next day lunched at their home, driven around in their car. 3-7.   Annie said P.J., but Drych said P.L.  His bardic name, Cledwyn.

Roberts, T. Osborne.  On Cedric, Leila Megáne’s fiancé then husband.  Composer, her accompanist.

Robinson, Mrs. Theodore Douglas. = Corinne Roosevelt.  2-12. NY.  Ex-president TR’s youngest sister. Writer and politically (Rep) active. (d. 1933)

Roderick, Miss Virginia, 2-15 NY. Women’s Citizen Office. Its editor from 1921.

Root, Miss 2-26 Chicago. Chair at Deans dinner.

Seabane(?) Mrs. 2-21 DC.  

Schang, Frederick NY 3-22.  Best man at Megáne wedding.  A noted music agent also later to Paul Robeson (Columbia records)

Schreiber, Frau  2-26  Chicago  Adele Schreiber-Krieger, sat in Reichstag, “noted feminist and activist for rights of women and children.” She and Ruth Morgan had addressed the Reichstag see NYT 13 Nov 1922. Socialist Deputy.

Schneider, Dr. 3-18 Utica. Address on behalf of Utica churches.

Stowell, Mrs. and Prof.   2-21 DC. Took them to Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial tc. in their car. LWV (Dinner at their house)

Spencer, Anna Garlin, 2-15 NY American educator, feminist, and Unitarian minister, married the Rev. William H. Spencer in 1878. She was a leader in the women’s suffrage and peace movements. WILPF in NY (1851–1931) 

Swiggett, Mrs. 2-21 DC.  League of Women Voters. Mrs. Glen Levin Swiggett — active in lobbying Congress re issues like peace and education in the 1920s. (NY Tribune Feb 14, 1920) Also AAUP Exec Committee in 1922.

Taft, Henry Waters 2-12. NY, Brother of William Henry the ex-president.  (Wife: Julia Walbridge Smith)

Tatlock, Mrs. Marjorie Fenton. 3- 5, SF. Wife of JSP Tatlock, a medievalist best known today for his work on Geoffrey of Monmouth’s History of the Kings of Britain–the text that invented the early medieval history of the Welsh and transformed Arthur into the pop culture icon he is today. Sister of Mrs. Bernard. Died 1937.

Tuttle, Florence Guertin, Mrs. Frank D.  2-11. (1869-1951). Women’s Pro-League Council.  Also 3-20.  Suffragist, then working for peace.  Became Chair of the Women’s Pro-League Council in 1920 and attended meetings of the Council of the League of Nations in Geneva. Friend of ex-First Lady Edith Bolling Wilson and Carrie Chapman Catt (1869-1951).  For birth control, edited for Sanger.  

Van Auda, Carr V. Also a Louise Van Auda and Paul Van Auda mentioned in James Laidlaw’s memorial book.

Vanderlip, Frank.  3-20. NY. 1903-1927. Banker, one of founders of the Federal Reserve System. 

Vanderlip, Mabel Narcissa Cox (1880-1966) suffragist, chaired NY State League of Women Voters 1919-23. Links to ER- Bok prize judge with ER and Esther E Lape.  Working for the World Court. Republican. Presided over last dinner in NY. Levermore the main speaker.

Wells, Dr. Agnes Ermina 2-26 Chicago.  President of Association of Women Deans in 1922, dean of women at Indiana Univ for over 20 years. d. 1959.

Williams, Rev O. R. Oakland 3-7 SF.  Pastor of Welsh Presbyterian Church, 10th and Castro, from 1918-1928; brother of TH Williams, Wilton Square.

Williams, William N.  Utah state senator 3-2 SLC. Welsh from Brechfa, Carmarthenshire, wife and son.  Pres of Coop Furniture Co, 1401 Sigsbee Ave. Mormon.

Williams, Mrs. Howard or Harwood, from Llangollen 3-6 SF

Williams, Morris. 3-17 Utica. President of the Cymreigyddion Society.

Williams, T.  Salisbury 3-7 SF. Presided at SF meeting. (SF Harbor Commission)

Williams, Mrs. Kathryn 3-9 LA. nee Evans.  Her sister was the Mrs. Morgan took AHG and GT  around LA.  

Willis, Miss Portia 3-21 (1868-1966) phone from vicar of St John the Divine. Prominent suffragist w. Laidlaw in 1915 (GF).  Columbia Univ. Director of LNNPF in 1923. Women’s Pro-League director. 1931 Field dir of Greater NY League Of Nation Assoc, WILPFE. Later m. Fitzgerald. By 1930s, her surname was Berg.

Wright, Mrs. Cobina and her little girl (same name). 3-21 NY. (NYT obit 1970.  Socialite, opera singer 1924 with same French teacher as Megane, film star, later Hollywood columnist).  Daughter in Leila’s wedding picture.

Not mentioned in diary but the Welsh Peace Delegation also met with:

Abbott, Grace.   2-21 DC.  Main speaker at DC dinner and also at the Biltmore.  Chief of US Children’s Bureau. From 1922-34 Abbott was US representative on the League of Nations advisory committees on trafficking of women and on child welfare.

Booth, Mrs. John – Marie P.  President of the NY General Fed of Women’s Cubs.  Nat Lib photo of the NY luncheon.  Photo said Mrs. James – correct is Mrs. John. 

Davis, Katherine Bement, Dr. 2-19 NY. Gave speech at Biltmore. Leading social reformer.

Johnson, Evangeline. 2-19 NY Speech at Washington, DC. (of the Johnson and Johnson family/ business).

Roosevelt, Eleanor. Not yet well known in her own right in 1924. Active in Women’s City Club then League of Women Voters, WCTU, Bok prize judge (with Narcissa Vanderlip and Esther Lape) She attended the Biltmore dinner and had given a lunch for Mary Ellis on January 11, 1924.