May Day lunchtime ‘Temple Tour’ & Peace Garden Trail (+ optional workshop)

May Day lunchtime Temple Tour and Peace Garden Trail

This is part of a day with 3 components, supported and enabled by OHOS, Our Heritage, Our Stories – who in talk during the following workshop on the ‘big ambition’ to integrate local archives into National Collections through harnessing power of AI and communities. 

This Mayday  Temple Tour is open to all visitors, but will primarily be geared towards volunteers and Temple Friends participating in the afternoon Volunteering & Archives projects workshop (see below), and also the ‘Temple Friends’ discussion at end of day. Please register via Eventbrite for each of the sessions you wish to participate in.

12.30-14.00 Lunchtime Temple Tour

to include the National Garden of Peace (not usually included in lunchtime tours, this will be an experimental ‘trial tour’ integrating the newly-developed peace garden memorials trail). Temple Tours homeage here

Register for 12.30 Temple & Peace Garden Tour on Eventbrite

Future Temple Tours 

From May we will be opening for weekly Wednesday afternoon Volunteering sessions, complemented by monthly lunchtime Temple Tours on:

You can also get a flavour through our Virtual Temple Tour available online.



Optional Extras!

14.00 – 16.30 Temple Friends Volunteering & Archives Workshop

Register for 14.00 Volunteering Workshop / Archiveathon on Eventbrite  

An induction briefing and 121 / group planning session for all individuals who have expressed an interest in volunteering, undertaking archives research, heritage or other onsite projects at the Temple of Peace, this will include:

  • Peace Archives: An introduction and overview of the Temple Library, archives and collections, hidden histories recently uncovered – and new histories yet unexplored.
  • Towards A ‘National Collection’: short talk from ‘Our Heritage, Our Stories’, who are funding WCIA’s volunteer archiveathons over May to July 2023, to hear about their project’s ‘big aim’ – to integrate local digitised archives into national (Wales and UK) online collections for future generations, 50-100 years hence, through harnessing the power of artificial intelligence – and local communities.
  • ‘Archiveathon’: introduction to new digitisation projects on Temple Archives & Collections, that volunteers and Temple Friends can help with over May-July 2024. Participants can have a go straight away, at digitising as yet unexplored materials.
  • Project Planning 121s: For Temple Friends, volunteers and student placements interested in leading work on specific volunteering projects over May-June 2023, there will be the opportunity for individual 121 planning and mentoring discussions with WCIA Heritage and Volunteering staff, to finalise detailed plans for following weeks.

Explore WCIA’s Temple Heritage, Archives and Onsite volunteering opportunities, blogs / testimonials from previous placements, and examples of the work they have produced.

Archiveathons Participants from Summer 2023, on induction day in the Council Chamber

17.00-18.00 Temple Friends Discussion (Room 39)

Hybrid meeting in Room 39 and online (for those who wish to join remotely), this will be an opportunity to discuss:

  • to what degree various Temple volunteering projects can come together under the banner of Temple Friends
  • how individual Temple Friends can help, particularly through becoming project leaders – supporting and helping younger volunteers in piecing together bigger ambitions (such as on  the Peace Garden)
  • upcoming Events
  • communications tools and preferences.

If you would like to join the Temple Friends discussion remotely, please email by Tuesday 31 April, so we can forward joining details.

Weekly ‘Worldly Wednesdays’

Following on from the Mayday workshop, over May and June the Temple Library and Archives will be open for volunteering projects support and research ‘drop in sessions’ every Wednesday afternoon from 2-5pm.

These will available shortly to register via Eventbrite by mid-April, for the following dates:

  • 1 May 2024 (+ Temple & Peace Garden Tour)
  • 8 May 2024
  • 15 May 2024
  • 22 May 2024
  • 29 May 2024 (+ Temple Tour)
  • 5 June 2024
  • 12 June 2024
  • 19 June 2024
  • 26 June 2024 (+ Temple Tour)

It is hoped to continue Wednesday afternoon volunteering & archives dropins beyond this date, through support of WCIA’s Volunteering Team.

Images from Recent Temple Tours

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