Online MockCOP

A model UN which will bring students together to discuss climate change.

Particularly this MockCOP edition was really inspiring, as COP26 happened barely one month ago. Pupils had the opportunity to discuss what their countries have done about climate change and talk about some of the agreements made in Glasgow.

A lot of interesting ideas have emerged from delegations as Australia, USA, India, Bangladesh, China, Mozambique, Brazil, UK, Costa Rica, Germany, Russia, and a long etcetera. During the event, they proposed several resolutions and amendments and have been negotiating their country’s position.

MockCOP is a fantastic opportunity for pupils in year 9-13 to deliver cross-curricular learning and develop ‘ethical informed citizens of Wales and the World’, while also supporting learners to make an impact on the crucial issue of climate change.

MockCOP is a Size of Wales and Welsh Centre for International Affairs (WCIA) project funded by the ScottishPower Foundation and the Welsh Government.

This year, we are working with the Interclimate Network to develop fantastic new resources for schools to carry out their own in-school versions of a climate change summit. Find these resources on the WCIA website.