Taith – International Learning Exchange Programme

The Welsh Government has recently launched its new Taith programme which will enable people in Wales to study, train, volunteer and work all over the world, while allowing organisations to invite international partners and learners to do the same here in Wales.

It will create opportunities to broaden horizons, experience new ways of life, and bring back lessons to share with people at home.

“We want to take Wales to the world, and bring the world to Wales”

Taith Programme ambition

Funding opportunities

Taith provides opportunities through three distinct ‘Pathways’. Each Pathway will have separate calls for funding to support specific activities.

Eligible organisations may apply to more than one Pathway in any one call year.

Pathway 1 – Mobility of participants

  • Projects deliver physical, virtual and blended outward and inward mobility of individuals or groups, providing flexible short and long term opportunities to learn, study, work or volunteer abroad.

Applications for this pathway are now open! Deadline is 12pm on 12th May

Pathway 2 – Partnership and strategic collaboration

  • International collaborative projects led by education and training organisations in Wales to develop enhancement-led international learning exchange activities and practices.

Pathway 3 – Capacity building

  • Supports the capacity-building for international exchanges, allowing organisations to develop their structures, knowledge base, experience and staffing to develop and grow international education activities and increase learning exchanges.

For more information on how we can support your application please contact vickycourt@wcia.org.uk