Peace Schools

Peace Schools is a scheme which supports schools in developing peace as a cross-curricular theme, and as part of the school’s everyday life – promoting positive ethos, critical thinking, creative skills and non-violent conflict resolution. The result is a school ethos based on cooperation, respect for difference and problem solving. Everyone feels safe, respected and valued.

Key elements of the scheme include:

  • whole-school approach
  • learners actively involved in planning and implementation in the school
  • exploring peace as a theme across the curriculum, plus extra-curricular activities
  • understanding Wales’ peace heritage, and its links to issues today.
  • developing local community links, and connecting local to global issues
  • supporting learners to think critically and creatively
  • enables learners to become ethical informed citizens of Wales and the world (a core aim of the new Welsh curriculum)
  • Join a network of Peace Schools, supported by WCIA staff.