What we do

We want a worldwide Wales where everyone here contributes to creating a fairer and more peaceful world. We inspire people to learn and act on global issues through three programmes:

LearnersGlobal Learning

Promoting global learning to prepare Wales for our shared future. We inspire people’s interest in global issues and develop their understanding of why these issues are relevant to all of our lives. We build people’s skills and confidence to explore different perspectives and then take informed action. In this way, we want everyone in Wales to feel they can make a difference on these shared challenges.

Global Action

Inspiring global action in communities and organisations in Wales. We support communities and institutions to unite behind global action within Wales. This means putting our expertise and networks behind homegrown campaigns and activities, celebrating their achievements and supporting organisations to be more globally responsible.

Global Partnerships

Building global partnerships connecting Wales and the world. We support worldwide partnerships that strengthen Wales as an outward-looking and globally responsible nation. We support international friendship and mutual cooperation, and we coordinate and strengthen Welsh international development activity. We want people in Wales to be proud of and recognised for their connections with the rest of the world.

Peace Heritage

Our 3 programmes are underpinned by WCIA’s Peace Heritage work, building on learning from Wales’ long history of internationalist movements, and our role as guardians of Wales’ National Temple of Peace and Health. WCIA has its origins in the founding at the end of World War 1 of the Welsh League of Nations Union (1918-46), which evolved after WW2 into UNA Wales (the United Nations Association, 1946-2014) and CEWC Cymru (the Council for Education in World Citizenship, 1943-2014).


The Welsh Centre for International Affairs was launched in 1973 as a Charitable Trust (No 259701), and became a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (No. 1156822, on merger with CEWC Cymru and UNA Wales) in 2014. Find out more from: