Temple of Peace Archives and Collections

A ‘Peace Archive for Wales’

WCIA is the guardian of Wales’ Temple of Peace and Health, which includes a substantial library, archives and collections on international affairs amassed by founder David Davies, and the internationalist organisations who over 85 years have been headquartered at the Temple from its opening in 1938 to the present day. Many archives – in particular those from earlier periods – have been previously ‘accessioned’ (transferred) to the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth, as well as at Glamorgan Archives, Bangor Archives and other local archives and records offices, searchable via Archives Wales.

Archives Workshops Flyer - Library Volunteering and Reading Room Open Days

Temple Library & Archives Open Days

The Temple Library Archives are open fortnightly on Wednesday afternoons to visitors and volunteers – please book via Eventbrite, or email walesforpeace@wcia.org.uk to be request a desk space and staff support for your planned visit. Most Archives sessions are preceded by a lunchtime Temple Tour which visitors are encouraged to book on if you are already making the journey!

Downloadable Flyer for Library and Archive Collections

Organisational Collections

Over Summer 2022, WCIA undertook an ambitious ‘Heritage Safeguarding Project‘, supported by the Davies Charity and involving students and volunteers in cataloguing the Library holdings, Archives and artefacts collections of Wales’ Temple of Peace & Health.

‘League’ Era, 1920s-30s

Welsh League of Nations Union (WLNU)

  • WLNU, the Welsh League of Nations Union , 1920-1946
  • WEAC, the Welsh Education Advisory Committee, 1922-1943
  • WLNU’s Women’s Advisory Committee for Peace (WAC)
  • Minnie James Collection
  • Temple of Peace Opening collections
  • WNMA, the Wales National Memorial Association for Eradication of Tuberculosis, 1910-1948

‘UN’ Era, 1940s-90s

United Nations Association (UNA) Wales

Post-Devolution (1997)

Welsh Centre for International Affairs

  • WCIA, 1973-present
  • UNA Exchange, 1973-2020
  • WISEN (Welsh International Sector Networks), Cynefin y Werin, Cyfanfyd, Make Poverty History.
  • MDGs Task Force, Wales Africa Community Links and Wales Africa Hub programmes, 2003-2015

Thematic Collections

Over Spring 2023, WCIA supported a number of student placements to review materials from the archives and collections, with a view to drawing together thematic histories and research

Global Learning

  • WEAC Wales Education Advisory Committee
  • CEWC Cymru
  • Model UN Summits
  • World Debating Championships (WDC)
  • Cyfanfyd
  • Philosophy for Children

Global Activism

climate protest

Global Partnerships