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Digitised Materials on People’s Collection Wales

About ‘Wales for Peace’ account

‘Wales for Peace’ brings together digitised archives and collections relating to Wales’ long history of internationalist activism and peace building from pre-WW1 to the present day. Curated through Wales’ Temple of Peace by WCIA (the Welsh Centre for International Affairs) and partners – in collaboration with the National Library of Wales and Academi Heddwch – collections are organised into eras, organisations, campaign movements and individual campaigns / archival collections. Visit www.heddwch.cymru to find out more about the ‘stories behind the archives’ from our nation’s peace heritage – and use the following ‘quick links’ to explore collections and albums of interest:

Overarching Eras

  1. 1914 – 1918 World War One (see WCIA WW1 guide)
  2. 1918 – 1945 Interwar Era – Welsh League of Nations era (see WCIA WLNU guide)
  3. 1945 – 1972 Post-WW2 Era – United Nations Association (UNA) Wales era (see WCIA UNA guide)
  4. 1973 – 1998 ‘Humanitarian’ Era – Welsh Centre for International Affairs (see WCIA guide)
  5. 1998 – present – Post-Devolution era (see WCIA guide)
  6. 1938 – present – Wales’ Temple of Peace & Health (see WCIA Temple pages)

Spotlight Collections

World War One Era 1914-1918

Welsh League of Nations Union – Interwar Era 1918-1945

– WLNU Annual Reports 1922-46; and Addroddiadau’r WLNU 1922-46

– WLNU Reports & Correspondence 1920-1946

1923 Women’s Peace Appeal to America (Centenary Collection) ; Annie’s Diary; WLNU Area Organisers;

– Youth Peace & Goodwill Message and international youth responses  (1922-present)

Churches Peace Appeal to America (1925-6)

WW1 Book of Remembrance (1928)

– 1932 World Disarmament Conference Peace Memorial & campaign (1932-32)

– Aberystwyth IFLNS Peace Congress (International Federation of League of Nations)  (1926)

– Peace Ballot (the 1935 ‘Public Declaration on Armaments’);

– Spanish Civil War (1936-9 – keyword search);

UNA Wales – Postwar Era 1945-1972

United Nations Association (Wales)

UNESCO Founding, Wales involvement (1940-1950)

– Wales WW2 Book of Remembrance

– Youth Peace & Goodwill Message and international youth responses

CEWC Cymru Council for Education in World Citizenship POPULATE THIS

– Freedom from Hunger Campaign Wales (1962-1997)

WCIA Era 1973-1998

– WCIA Founding Years (1973-1988); WCIA Annual Reports 1973+ (1973-present); WCIA General) ; WCIA 1973-1998 Archives ; WCIA Archives 1999-2023; REVIEW AND STREAMLINE THESE

WCIA Occasional Papers / Policy Briefings on World Issues, 1976-1995

CEWC Cymru Council for Education in World Citizenship POPULATE THIS

– Freedom from Hunger Campaign Wales (1962-1997)

– CND Cymru Archives (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) (1981-present)

– Youth Peace & Goodwill Message and international youth responses

– Dolen Cymru Wales Lesotho Link – Archives from Dolen’s early years (1985-1995); Dolen Newsletters 1985-1996;

Post-Devolution Era 1999-present

WCIA Archives 1999-2023;

– Wales for Africa 2006-present; Wales Africa (REVISE / MERGE)

History of Global Education – CEWC Curriculum and World Debating Championships

– Youth Peace & Goodwill Message and international youth responses

Temple of Peace & Health (BACKGROUND – see Temple of Peace and Peace Garden) :  

– Temple of Peace keyword search and Artefacts

–  Temple Architecture, Design & Construction, 1928-38

– Foundation Stone Ceremony, 1937, 1938

– Temple Opening, 23 Nov 1938

– WNMA (Wales National Memorial Association for Eradication of Tuberculosis)

– Temple 50th Anniversary, 1988

– Wales’ National Garden of Peace, 1988+

– Peace Garden Construction, 1988+