Week ‘6.5’ of ‘#AnniesDiary100’ #OnThisDay, where were our Welsh Peace Envoys on 8 March 1824 – future International Women’s Day?

Our post earlier this week explored the Welsh Women’s Peace Petition’s experiences of arriving in Californna, spending much of their first week in San Francisco. However, they then spent 2nd half of this week in Los Angeles, culminating in one of Annie Hughes Griffiths most packed addresses to the LA Welsh Church… but not before they had taken in the sights of Hollywood!

For International Women’s Day, alhough marked at this point (1924) in Russia, it wasn’t until 1975 that the 8 March would become the internationally recognised, annual United Nations event it is today – find out the history of International Women’s Day.

Annie’s Diary Excerpts

Saturday March 8th – San Francisco to Los Angeles on ‘The Daylight’

Called up at 6:30 and by 7:15 a.m. mrs PJ Roberts – whose kindness has been beyond praise – and Mr. Samuel Jones, called for us in their car and drove us to the station where we took the train for Los Angeles.Leaving San Fran at 7:45 a.m. Mr. D Hughes arrived just before the train left, and asked me to write down a bit of what I said last night for him. A glorious day to come out, bright and Sunny. We travelled on the observation car until 4.30, when we went to the dining car for a meal. Had fried fish, fruit salad and Tea.  Have passed through groves of fruit trees & got to Los Angeles by 8:30 p.m.

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Rev. Dr. Jones minister of the Welsh chapel met us in his car – a Buick. Also Reverend & Mrs. John Davis ‘late of Skirland & later of Utica’,  and drove us to the Gates Hotel where we had engaged a room. Almost as soon as I got into the hotel a lady accosted me being anxious to have an interview with me for the Los Angeles Times. I sat and and talked with her and told her of our message and of our visit to the Presidents Tomb in Washington. The interview appeared in Monday’s paper, quite a nice lit.

After she left, Rev. Dr Jones have me promise to speak on Sunday evening at his church. I consented – tho somewhat reluctantly. We went to bed very tired, but I slept well – very comfortable bed. Got up on


a.m. & went out to breakfast at Savoy Hotel then walked to chapel. Dr Jones preached a sermon on peace, mentioned me & my message & announced that I was to speak in the evening service – went back to the Gates Hotel to lunch – then so on after 2. P.m. – Mrs Williams, whom Sara knew as Catherine Evans, & her sister Mrs Morgan, came round in their car & took us out.

We went first of all to Evergreen Cemetery to see J.Al. Saunders’ grave – & I put some lovely white carnaiteons (sic) on the grave – ‘A servant of Jesus Christ’ was the only inscription on the grave with his names & dates. From there we went to Alhambra – Ian Gabriel mission. Then I called at Huntingdon to hotel see Mr Ayres a friend of David. He was out. Then through South Pasadena to 212 Brauch street and tea with Mrs. Williams and her husband – Mr. Morgan and their husband joining us.

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All of us drove down to chapel in the car. Chapel crowded. Mr. Jones’s son commenced the service very earnestly and prayerfully. Doctor John Davis introduced me by questioning Sara and John Saunders, and brother John & myself. I then spoke for 40 minutes – without one note! – of our mission.  Mrs Williams drove us back to the hotel, and we went straight up to bed.

Monday morning March 11th

Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Morgan were in the hotel before 9:00 a.m. Went to office to get reservations and then drove to Hollywood went to West Coast Production studio, to Beverly Hills Hotel where they were shooting pictures in the garden. Then Santa Monica Ocean Park, Venice, where we went to a Chinese restaurant. Had Chow Mein and Tea in the Chinese-style. I didn’t enjoy it.

Then back to Los Angeles via Wilshire Boulevard to Gates Hotel, we went in and rested then took a taxi to American Express – as Mrs. Thomas wanted to change a cheque. Had tea at Bow Cafeteria soon after 4:00 p.m. Doctor Jones came round in his car to fetch us, Reverend & Mrs. John Davis. We drove to Long Beach about 20 miles distant and passed several very large oil Wells which had proved of immense value to their owners. Had a meal at a russian cafeteria & drove to call upon the a Mr. Hughes of Denver (whom Peter knew) he was out, saw his daughter, a girl of 18. After saying good-bye we drove back-to the Gates Hotel, a distance of about 20 miles.

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Tuesday March 12th 1924

Left Los Angeles by 11:00 a.m. train. Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Morgan got their car to take us to the station revenues as John Davis this is Daniel James Mr. And Mrs. Johns reverent D Jones and the 2 ladies alone saw us off. A letter was handed to me as I left station – an anonymous letter telling us to get out of the States.

We journeyed through California state all the day-and reached Williams the Junction for the Grand Canyon early-on…

Next Stop – Grand Canyon

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