Wales for Peace Commemorative Bench

Opposite the Entrance Archway, the wooden bench can be easily identified by its engraved inscription.

WCIA’s Heritage Lottery Funded ‘Wales for Peace’ programme marked WW100 over 2014-19 – the centenary of the ‘war that was to end war’ – through exploring the big question: “In the 100 years since WW1, how has Wales contributed to the search for peace?”

This bench is dedicated to over 800 volunteers and 100 community groups and schools Wales-wide who answered the call… uncovering a thousand hidden histories, and inspiring a ‘new generation of internationalists’ to take action for peace today. Their 7 themes of action – ‘Peace Pathways’ – are inspired by the Peace Flag of the 1960s anti-nuclear and 2002 anti-war movements. Sit, relax and reflect…

What in the world do you care most about?