“Collaboration between nations is key to assure sustainable games.” Global Natters 16/03

On Wednesday 16th, it took place Global Natters’ third session of the year, once again, in an online format. On this occasion, the debate was focused on the Winter Olympics and the impact that those have on climate change. 

As in previous sessions, the conversation initiated with referring to the previously sent material, in this case, the podcast: Are the Winter Olympics on thin Ice? By ClimateCast. Even when it was generally agreed that the dynamics on travelling and construction of these sports events shall be changed for the interest of the environment, participants defended divergent opinions on the next steps to trigger change. 

“[…] Collaboration between nations is key to assure sustainable games.”

– Paul Graham (participant)

The discussion derived from the Winter Olympics and the impact it has on climate change, to the implication of these and other similar events have on global challenges such as human rights defenders, and the increasing temperatures and natural disasters all around the world. 

After 45 minutes, the session was finalised with the host Christine Marinov offering a summary of the topics discussed and inviting participants to join the next Global Natters in April. 

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