Our response to Wales’ first International Strategy

On Tuesday January 14, the International Relations Minister Eluned Morgan launched Wales’ first International Strategy.

The aim of the strategy is to promote the country as an outward-looking nation ready to work and trade with the rest of the world.

Our CEO Susie Ventris-Field has issued the following statement:

“At the WCIA, we are pleased to see a commitment to a globally responsible Wales as one of the three main priorities of the strategy.

“A strength of the new strategy is its clear messages about Wales as a welcoming nation to people from all backgrounds, countries and cultures, including those seeking sanctuary.

“The commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and human rights in the values are important and we can see this reflected in other parts of the strategy, for example, in relation to the promotion of Wales as a Fair Trade Nation and Nation of Sanctuary.

“It is also promising to see the connections made between the innovative new Curriculum for Wales and the delivery of this strategy.

“The next steps for us will be to scrutinise the strategy in more detail with our partners in the sector to ensure the commitment to global responsibility is reflected throughout, and we’ll also be paying close attention to the implementation of the strategy.

“For example, we will want to see a focus on the three chosen industries support our responsibilities to the rest of the world, for example, in reducing our emissions, eliminating poor labour practices from our supply chains, and a commitment to cooperation and peace.

“We’ll also want to understand in more detail how the Welsh Government will build on the existing strengths of the Wales Africa programme.”

In December last year, we worked with partners across the International Sector to provide feedback about the draft.

You can read our collective response here 

One thought on “Our response to Wales’ first International Strategy”

  1. Barrie Jones

    I wish you well in your efforts to promote Wales on a world stage. However, I was struck by the image that accompanied your announcement on Twitter. The image looks to have come from a globe which does not highlight where Wales is and does not even have a place for its capital, Cardiff which I found surprising.
    Hwyl fawr,
    Barrie Jones

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