‘Step by Step’ Residential Weekend, February 17-19, 2017.

This February we took our new volunteers to St David’s in West Wales on an Introduction to Youth Volunteering Weekend. 


Sometimes it’s better to just jump into volunteering straightaway. It sharpens your perceptions of the world and gives you that adrenaline kick. But in some cases it can simply be too traumatic. Travel alone, not knowing anyone and anything, can easily turn into your worst nightmare! (Not unlike clownphobia)

That’s why Step by Step exists. To prepare unsure and young for becoming citizens of the world… step by step.

It all starts with a slight touching of water before the jump called Residential Weekend. This time it took place in a breathtakingly beautiful St. Davids and Lower Tregennis Farm,  17-19 February. With five fairly unnerved young volunteers, one helper and former Step by Step participant, two organisers and (surprise, surprise!) a Ukrainian EVS (i.e. me). 

For two nights we stayed in a cosy old cottage with entangled labyrinths of rooms and paths we continually got lost in. 


Friday evening passed in a relaxing atmosphere, watching short movies and sharing multiple fears mixed in with hints of expectations. 

On Saturday morning volunteers got some taste of an “international workcamp”. We contacted Farms for City Kids and helped Lower Tregennis Farm with paining a barn. 

The work required some music,


couple of jokes,


lots of exotic animals…


and a walk to the cliffs!



Evening of Saturday continued with me blasting volunteers with history and geography quizzes 😉 It was fun though and no volunteer suffered! 


Then they cooked their own meal (just like on any workcamp) and


played more team building. 


Sunday morning St. Davids was saying goodbye with heavy rains. 


The group exchanged hugs and contacts and went on to prepare for what summer might bring. 


Now every participant will get the chance to go on a 2-3 weeks volunteering project in Europe. And if any fears, questions or troubles arise, Step by Step team is always happy to help. 


Report prepared by Viktoria Grivina