Update: Important information about upcoming events at the Temple of Peace


We are following Welsh Government and official Public Health Wales guidelines and as the Government is now recommending non-essential contact; the team have decided to work from home.

If you have a non-essential event at the Temple of Peace coming up soon, please get in touch with the Venue Team so we can reschedule with you.

We have a cancellation policy for events at the Temple and we are being flexible where we can as we understand these are exceptional circumstances.


For international volunteers on our UNA Exchange programmes, the advice is as follows:

“We ask the volunteers to make sure that their travel is compatible with the most recent recommendations of health authorities with regards to the spread of the Corona virus. In case you are travelling from or recently travelled through a higher risk area, please check the health recommendations of the country where the project takes place, as restrictions may apply (e.g. ban, quarantine, isolation). We will take the necessary health precautions for our projects, but please contact your sending organisation to get more information in case you have any concerns.”


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