Dear world leaders…

This week, over 11,000 voices from Wales will be shared at COP26 asking for urgent and evidence-based action on the climate and nature emergencies.

Ahead of COP, on 19 October, the voices were presented to the Welsh Minister and Deputy Minister for Climate Change and Members of the Senedd along with a symbolic ice heart sculpture.

The ice heart is beautiful but temporary as is our window of opportunity for action.

Climate Cymru ice sculpture being presented to Members of the Senedd on 19 October

The 10,000+ messages were varied but many included the clear need for climate justice:

We have a responsibility to current and future generations to take urgent climate action. Those who have contributed the least to climate change are feeling it’s worst impacts.

But there is hope – people and communities in Wales and all over the world are already taking innovative action on climate – our recent green tour of Wales showed that people working together are already making a huge difference.

We can have a better world – with community owned energy, local food production, cooperation between neighbours and nations, revived natural spaces… But we need governments to step up and take urgent action, getting barriers out of the way and not back-tracking on commitments for Net Zero.

Susie Ventris-Field, WCIA Chief Executive

The message from the people of Wales is clear.

Dear world leaders,

Time is running out.

We are watching.

Don’t let us down.

WCIA is a proud partner of the Climate Cymru campaign and hosts the campaign as a member of Stop Climate Chaos Cymru.

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