International politics: Cuba in the aftermath of Covid-19

Elizabeth Ribalta Rubiera, speaker at the event.

On the 31st of May, it took place the last conference of the month, organised by Cymru Cuba and Cardiff Business School. The conference had a hybrid format where part of the attendees were invited to attend in person, and for those who were not settled in Cardiff, there was the online option.   

Presented by Elizabeth Ribalta Rubiera, a member of the Cuban Institute for international Friendship, the conference focused on the current state of Cuba and its government. It started by showing a video addressing the social and political position of the country in today’s international arena. After, Mrs Elizabeth also referred in specific to the US’ links with Cuba and its current state of relation, also the impact that Trump and Biden’s administrations have had and still sustain in the Cuban society and politics after the 2019/20 Covid-19 pandemic.   

In a highly politicised encounter, the speaker presented her view on Cuba and its capabilities before the floor was open for attendees to pose their questions.   

After the two-hour event, it concluded at 8:30 with a final analysis from the speaker and the host on what is to come for Cubans and their republic.   

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