Wales Internationalists Get-together

On the 12 of July 2022, took place our first Wales Internationalists Get-together event at the Temple of Peace and Health (Cardiff). An opportunity for people and organisations who care about global issues to come together, share ideas, network and get inspired.

Around 40-50 attendees from 3rd sector organisations, Welsh Government, volunteers, and universities among others came to network. We came together to discuss and raise awareness about the importance of global issues – migration, climate, and nature emergencies, conflict, poverty and inequality – all inextricably linked between local and global and the only way to progress is through international cooperation.

The event started with a warm welcome by our Chief ExecutiveSusie Ventris-Field, opening the afternoon with an inspiring speech. After that, we introduced two videos by Sunshine Fionah Komusana – feminist lawyer working for Akina Mama Wa Afrika, and Rivelino Popygua – Chief of the Mbya Guarani, two voices from the world speaking about important global issues.

So the task ahead is massively daunting – this is a chance to regroup in person to explore ways we can work together and weave together the lenses of local/global social/environmental – across sector – and not working in a siloed way.

Susie Ventris-Field – WCIA Chief Executive

Around 4:30 pm it was the time for networking and table activities. The idea of the swapping tables was that people could drop in and join the conversation. We had various flipcharts, papers and post-its so people could share their ideas.

  • Table 1: Led by Craig – internationalists past and future – how can Wales’ inspiring internationalist and peace past inspire the next generation of internationalists?

Wales has a long and inspirational history of internationalism and peace that can inspire current and future internationalists. We spoke about how do we better share these stories and leverage them to inspire future action.

  • Table 2: Led by Hayley and Hannah – globally responsible Wales through the doughnut – what are the policy priorities?

We’ve been working on a long term project around what a globally responsible Wales is (as one of the wellbeing goals). Hayley facilitated a discussion around this, and the priorities we should focus on for moving towards a more globally responsible Wales.

  • Table 3: Led by Nel and Tom – How do we build a nation of active global citizens in all stages of learning? Future generations.

Both were leading a discussion about how we drive all of us forwards to active global citizenship.

Furthermore, we also had 5 tables hosted by different partner organisations exhibiting their work.

During the event, WCIA shared information about the Erasmus+ Funded SDGS4U project and how that can play a part in supporting Wales to become more globally responsible.

Thanks again to everyone who came and made this possible, we hope it was a lovely opportunity for all to come together and discuss. We look forward to organise more events for those in the sector to share, network and catch up face to face.

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