Blog: When Charlotte met Hilary

Our long term Volunteer Charlotte Morgan, has gained a place on the Hillary Rodham Clinton Global Challenges Scholarship at Swansea University.
Here is what she had to say about her experience with us and the exciting new adventure ahead of her: 


I started volunteering at WCIA five months ago after hearing about the inspirational work they do from a friend and I am so happy I did! The staff are welcoming and really make you feel like you are part of the team. Entering a new environment can often be daunting but I was instantly put at ease and reassured that I could ask for help with anything I was unsure about.


During my time with WCIA so far, I have been presented with a wide range of opportunities (and biscuits!).  I have gained invaluable communications experience, developed my research skills and the inspirational work they do to improve human rights has raised my awareness of contemporary issues both locally and around the world. It has also inspired me to try and make a difference in any way I can in the future.


I was particularly taken with the current work WCIA do with schools around Wales, inspiring young people to express themselves through the debating of global issues. There are opportunities to work with other organisations, such as Fairtrade Wales, which has given me an insight into the great work they do too.  I was also lucky enough to attend stakeholder meetings in Cardiff Bay and it was fascinating to hear discussions about human rights in Wales.

It is through WCIA that I learned about a Masters scholarship at the Hilary Clinton School of Law in Swansea University. The programme aims to further international cooperation to address urgent national challenges such as human rights and environmental law.

I was lucky enough to be given one of the graduate scholarships. After learning that I had been accepted, I was excited – this excitement grew when I was then told that Secretary Clinton was visiting Swansea University in the coming weeks, and that she would love to meet the five scholars accepted on to her course. When the big day came around I met the other four scholars who were extremely lovely (and just as nervous as me!).


We were introduced to Secretary Clinton and escorted into a room where we got to have an informal chat with her. We each told her a bit about ourselves – what we do, our aspirations, why we chose the course. Secretary Clinton then gave us advice about our careers and goals, and was lovely and genuine in what she said. We were also lucky enough to be given front row seats to her panel event, Gutsy Welsh Women and it was an honour to hear such inspirational women speak about Wales. It was a very surreal but equally amazing day!

I most definitely wouldn’t have been awarded this opportunity without the help of the lovely people at WCIA. Volunteering here is an incredibly enjoyable experience, and I am extremely grateful for all the new skills and knowledge I have gained. Thank you!


by Charlotte Morgan

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