Volunteering & Placement Projects – ‘Temple Friends’

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Peace Heritage Volunteers helped with transcribing ‘Annie’s Diary’, a record of the 1923 Welsh Women’s Peace Petition to America

Over recent years, WCIA have hosted an enterprising programme of heritage placements and volunteering opportunities. From 2024, onsite volunteering opportunities are coming under the banner of ‘Temple Friends’, extending beyond heritage to contribute to WCIA’s wider programmes.

Volunteering Projects, 2024

Over Spring-Summer 2024, we are seeking volunteers to help with a range of projects both on site at the Temple of Peace, and remotely. We will be holding an introduction and induction ‘Volunteering Mayday’ on the afternoon of May 1.


  • Temple Library book reviews and archives spotlights
  • Peace Garden Memorials Trail
  • Wikipedia articles
  • Hidden Histories publications design and production
  • Bilingual (Welsh English) website content management

Digital Heritage

  • Archives Digitisation to People’s Collection Wales
  • Wikimedia Commons images
The CND ‘Heddwch Archives’ were digitised and indexed by WCIA placements ahead of the Jan 2021 Nuclear Ban Treaty coming into force.

Collections Research

  • History of Health – WNMA Archives (Wales National Memorial Association for the Eradication of Tuberculosis)
  • International Youth Service (IYS) / UNA Exchange Volunteering Archives
  • European Archives Collections
  • United Nations Archive Collections
  • Soka Gakkai International (SGI) Collection


Over Spring-Summer 2024, over May-July we will be hosting a series of ‘Archiveathons’ on Wednesday afternoons at the Temple of Peace, from Mayday (1 May) onwards, for archives research and volunteer projects. Can you spare a few hours to help uncover and bring to life, stories from Wales’ Peace Heritage?

  • Join our Volunteering Mayday on the afternoon of 1 May for an introduction and induction to Temple Friends Volunteering projects.

Testimonials – Volunteer Blogs

WCIA’s ‘peace heritage’ work has involved many hundreds of volunteers and students over recent years, and we have a number of opportunities for internships, casual volunteering or work experience either online or at Wales’ Temple of Peace in the heart of Cardiff. Meet some of WCIA’s recent Heritage Placements and Volunteers:

Placement & Volunteering Projects – what sort of practical tasks have Temple Friends helped with?

Peace Heritage Placements working on digitisation of materials from the 1938 Opening of the Temple of Peace
  • Library Cataloguing – completing searchable listings of books held in the Temple’s Council Chamber,
  • Archives Cataloguing and Reorganisation – assisting with selection and appraisal of the Temple’s considerable archive holdings, reorganisation into thematic collections and development of an online Archives Database.
  • Collections Cataloguing – photographing and recording artefacts and curating an online showcase for the Temple’s Collections
  • Digital Archives Audit – supporting migration of digitised archival materials from WCIA’s Flickr to People’s Collection Wales accounts, and curating into organisational and thematic collections.
  • Digitisation of new / undocumented archival materials from the Temple’s Archives & Collections
  • Temple Tour guides to support visitors exploring the spaces of Wales’ Temple of Peace (building from our online ‘Temple Tours‘ and features such as ‘Architects of Peace‘)
  • Peace Garden Memorials Trail for mobile phones / online devices; using social media to share stories behind the Peace Garden memorials and to illustrate / bring to life WCIA’s Memorials Trail Map and onsite information.
  • Digital Timeline of Peace History stories from the last century, enabling people to explore themes, movements and periods of time, and connect to source materials / wider references.
  • Popular Culture Features – drawing together an entertaining resource detailing the Temple in Film, Screen and Popular Culture, from a set for His Dark Materials / Sherlock / Dr Who, to major historic events.
  • Digitisation of Temple Archives collections: Curating, indexing and organisation of documents from movements such as the Freedom from Hunger Campaign, United Nations Association, UNA Exchange / International Volunteering, the Writings of Lord Davies, etc; and producing structured feature articles that enable future researchers to analyse further.