Peace Heritage Placement Projects

UNA Exchange placements interview Founder Robert Davies as part of producing a ‘Hidden History’ feature on international volunteering.

Are you a student seeking some practical work experience, a volunteer seeking an interesting project to get your teeth into, or a researcher / heritage enthusiast excited about uncovering previously Hidden Histories? Or do you have New Years Resolutions to develop a new interest, write a previously untold story, or just to take on a ‘lockdown project’ that keeps you occupied?

WCIA’s ‘peace heritage’ work has involved many hundreds of volunteers and students over recent years through the ‘Wales for Peace‘ project (to 2019). Through the COVID Pandemic the Temple of Peace is closed, and WCIA currently receives no funding towards our heritage or volunteering activities – which limits our ability to offer funded internships, casual volunteering or workplace-based experience.

However, WCIA continue to offer a small number of remote, home working based placement opportunities, driving forward specific projects over 4 weeks-4 months. These are substantial pieces of work that would suit highly motivated individuals looking to develop new skills and knowledge; to undertake alongside academic assignments as a published project output; or to create a body of work to showcase to future employers.

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Peace Heritage Volunteers helped with transcribing ‘Annie’s Diary’, a record of the 1923 Welsh Women’s Peace Petition to America

Recent Projects by Placements and Volunteers

Placement Projects – Spring 2021

Project Summaries

Peace Heritage Placements working on digitisation of materials from the 1938 Opening of the Temple of Peace
  • Temple Tours visitor guides for digital devices / remote access (using Google Maps, Flickr and other established platforms / social media to create ‘journeys through stories’ and link to Temple Archives, collections and resources, building from our ‘Architects of Peace‘ feature)
  • Peace Garden Memorials Trail for devices / remote access (as above, using established social media platforms to share stories behind the Peace Garden memorials and to illustrate / bring to life WCIA’s new Memorials Trail Map and onsite information)
  • Digital Timeline of Peace History stories from last century, enabling people to explore themes, movements or particular periods of time and connect to source materials / wider references.
  • Library Cataloguing – creating a searchable reference spreadsheet of books held in the Temple’s Council Chamber, with online referencing links, digitisation connections etc.
  • Hidden Histories Toolkit: website content development, migration and updating of our Wales for Peace Hidden Histories Toolkit for volunteers and researchers.
  • WCIA Founding Years: digitising (to People’s Collection Wales) materials from 1973-1988, the founding years of WCIA, and creating a feature article & spreadsheet for reference in planning activities to mark #WCIA50 in 2023 (WCIA’s 50th Anniversary).
  • Popular Culture Feature – drawing together an entertaining resource detailing the Temple in Film, Screen and Popular Culture, from a set for His Dark Materials / Sherlock / Dr Who, to major historic events.
  • Digitisation of Temple Archives collections: Curating, indexing and organisation of documents from movements such as the Freedom from Hunger Campaign, United Nations Association, UNA Exchange / International Volunteering, the Writings of Lord Davies, etc; and producing structured feature articles that enable future researchers to analyse further.
  • Wikipedian in Residence‘ – updating Wikipedia entries on topics relating to Temple of Peace and Welsh Peace Heritage movements, using materials and references drawn from across WCIA’s Peacemakers Feature articles from the 2016-21.
  • Mapping Wales’ links with the world, to create ‘nation by nation’ (and regional) reference webpages focusing on civil society and community connections, to develop WCIA’s ‘Wales Peace Map’.
  • Desk Research Mapping work of internationalist Welsh CSOs (Civil Society Organisations) present and historically.
The CND ‘Heddwch Archives’ have recently been digitised and indexed by WCIA placements and volunteers, ahead of the Jan 2021 Nuclear Ban Treaty coming into force.

Organisational Partnerships

WCIA are well positioned to partner with academic courses, University Careers services, International Volunteering organisations or Welsh Heritage / community organisations, to offer impactful placement opportunities in Wales.

If your organisation would be interested in working with WCIA to offer placements – or to work together on developing a project exploring Wales’ Peace Heritage and themes around Internationalism – please contact

Placement Support and Mentoring

Heritage Placements are usually over 1-4 months, working to a project brief(s) agreed between WCIA and the ‘placee’; with Team Meetings / 121 Mentoring every 2 weeks to review production progress.

We ask placements to keep timesheets, so that WCIA can demonstrate the time value of voluntary contributions to our heritage work – this helps us hugely for potential future funding applications. Each placement will write 1-2 blog articles for the WCIA website, reflecting on their voluntary experience – both for future users of what you’ve produced, and as an online reference to be able to send / show to future employers.

If you would be interested in taking on one of the Heritage projects outlined over 1-4 months (or longer), please fill out our WCIA Volunteering Form here, and send a CV and expression of interest to